A Madison “Destination” Wedding

January 8, 2011

July 3rd 2010 – Lauri and Mike

The couple from St. Paul, MN decided on a ‘destination’ wedding in Madison,WI.

The ceremony was on the rooftop of the Contemporary Art Museum on State Street in the sculpture gardens. Mike wrote their whole ceremony. Lauri’s sister played the yukalaylee while her brother in law sang during the ceremony. They chose to see each other before the ceremony, so we did a first look photo session near the ceremony site.

There were three bridesmaids and three groomsmen. Bridesmaid’s chose their own gray dress accented with yellow scarves and purses. The groom wore a gray suit and brown shoes. After the first look we walked to the Capital and other various locations around State Street.
The reception was held in the same location. Each guest found their table labeled with a word that was significant to the couple. The word was written on a little chalk board and placed on the tables. Giant cup cakes replaced the traditional wedding cake. A gnocchi station, a grilled cheese station, and a bunch of appetizers that waiters served along with chicken skewers, hummus and veggies kicked dinner up a notch.

The night was capped with a distant viewing of the 4th of July fireworks.

Photograhy by SLM Photography

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