Coloring Your Wedding Day

October 2, 2012

There’s no rule that says the only colors at a wedding can be white and something blue. Many brides and grooms are adding a colorful pop to their wedding day. Some of the most popular hues now are mint green, yellow and grapefruit – they’re crisp, refreshing and just enough splash to add a spark without stealing the show.

Shoes: Shoes are the most popular place to add color. A pale Tiffany’s blue is a favorite, partly for its cool touch and partly for the old adage to add ‘something blue.’ But putting a more bold foot forward is increasingly popular now, too. Remember – if you’re wearing a full-length gown, shoes are only going to poke through periodically, so a dynamic cobalt or sparkly ruby red isn’t going to take everyone’s eyes off the entire outfit. If not for the ceremony, at least slip into a jazzier pair of flats for dancing the night away at your reception.

Flowers in Hair: A jeweled hair clip is a classy touch to any outfit, but a whimsical crown of peach hydrangea blossoms gives any bride a goddess-like glow. And don’t think it’s too late to take a tip from the royal wedding – fascinators are an increasingly popular accessory on this side of the Atlantic, too.

They’re especially chic in fall or winter weddings where deep reds, oranges, browns or purples cap off a stunning look. For the summer and spring, stick a grapefruit, mint or light yellow blooming flower into a curly side pony. Those tones are most likely to match other colors you might have picked out for the overall scheme, and they’re a soft complement to many hair colors without seeming out of place.

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Jewelry: Chunky jewelry with a slightly eclectic shape is in right now – which means all you need is one statement piece with a hint of color to completely make your bridal day look your own. Try a bejeweled yellow floral bracelet or a chunky stone necklace. Some necklaces can combine a modern bold rhinestone flower with  traditional pearls to create a sophisticated look.

Gown: Even for brides open to color on their wedding outfit, the gown is often thought of as the one place that needs to stay white or off-white – but that’s changing. The past few years have opened up the possibility to adding a colored sash to the gown, but now designers are becoming more open about integrating different tones right into the gown. Ombre as long been popular for hair, but it’s hitting the bridal catwalks, too. Let a touch of color flow down.

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