Romancing the Mood

May 18, 2013

In today’s DIY- and Pinterest-crazed culture, the cookie-cutter wedding is out — and unique is in. Wisconsin couples are creating an air of individuality by incorporating intimate touches throughout the ceremony and reception. These details come through in the décor — everything from lighting to tablescapes to furniture.

They don’t call it “mood lighting” for nothing. The right lighting can make or break the romantic ambience. Steer clear of harsh overhead lights when you can. Instead, play with lanterns, strands of twinkle lights, and real or fake candle groupings. For a glam wedding, try chandeliers in various shapes and sizes. If your venue is cord-and-outlet-friendly, bring (or borrow) assorted lamps for a homey touch. Wedding DJ’s and Bands in Wisconsin usually offer a wide selection of up lighting as well.  Don’t be afraid to mix and match!

The mixing and matching doesn’t stop at lighting. Eclectic accessorizing throughout your big day affects a warm, close-knit feeling amongst your guests. To stave off DIY insanity, start by picking one decorative element to focus on, such as centerpieces. Give each table a homespun, made-with-love feeling by including objects that represent you as a couple. Think: old books (if you’re big readers), records (if you’re into music), or film canisters (if you’re cinephiles). Prefer flowers-only? Miscellaneous bud vases and mason jars let you grow your own garden at each table.

These vases and other table décor can be brought from home or borrowed from friends or family. This way, you control every detail on display and every dollar spent. But did you know that you could get that “it belonged to my grandmother” vibe without actually raiding Grandma’s house? Companies like Vintage Rentals in Milwaukee offer an array of plates, bowls, silverware, teacups and saucers, and table linens. And though shopping for these essentials might sound like fun, there are some things to consider: How long will it take to find 100+ place settings? How will you store and transport all your finds? Do things need cleaning or repairing? Renting eliminates some stress without sacrificing style.

Milwaukee-based company, événement Planning, even offers rentals for big ticket items, like fine leather lounges. That’s right: they’ll bring an intimate seating area right to you. Their couch groupings, which vary in size and style depending on your needs, are just the thing for mingling guests who are all danced out. Beyond seating, think about including other furniture from home to add a comfortable touch here and there. These pieces add to the fashion, but can also serve a function — a decked out dresser makes an inviting dessert table, and a spruced-up mailbox is perfect for collecting cards.

In the end, there’s no right or wrong way to go about adding personal touches to your wedding day. Whether old, new, borrowed, or blue, each choice you make in décor will combine to create a mood that’s unique to you as a couple — so dare to be different and decidedly you.

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