The roaring ’20s are back!

July 23, 2013

It’s 2013, but the grandeur of Gatsby and the allure of “Downton Abbey” is permeating our culture — Milwaukee weddings not excluded. Bridal styles harken back to this dream-like golden age of opulence and exuberance for life. What better decade to fashion your wedding after? The 1920s (at least in our collective imagination) were a time of glitz and glam; a golden age brimming with strings of pearls, flapper girl folly, and the Charleston. Along with this fun, frivolous vibe comes an equal sense of the classic — perfect inspiration for a fanciful, yet timeless wedding.  We are including images from our fashion section to help inspire!

To add ‘20s touches to your wedding, consider your style. Try drop-waist gowns and dresses with delicate beading. Dress your tresses with a jeweled headband or feathered flourish. For jewelry, opt for pearls galore or an armful of vintage bracelets. Most Southeast Wisconsin Bridal Salons offer a selection of wedding gowns and jewelry perfect for this look. Makeup can range from fresh-faced to dramatic — don’t be afraid of smoky eyes or a bold lip.

For location and décor, aim for eclectic elegance. Incorporate antique store finds into your centerpieces and illuminate the venue with strings of lights, chandeliers, and candelabras. Embrace Art Deco styling with its rich colors, bold geometric shapes, and lavish ornamentation.  Downtown Milwaukee offers a wide selection of wedding venues prefer for this theme, along with outdoor garden settings.

Here are a some quality locations where you can step back in time.

Wisconsin Roaring 20’s Wedding

Inspired Fashions

  • Photography: JMT Studios
  • Hair & Makeup: Cari Carpenter, Kelly Coulter, Angela Rabon
  • Hair Pieces: Bloom Bazaar
  • Jewelry:,,,,

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