Mykonos, Greece

July 26, 2013

Mykonos, Greece is located south of Tinos on an island in the middle of the Aegean Sea. This popular tourist attraction has much to offer. Honeymooners flock to this breathtaking island by boat, cruise ship or plane to take in all of Mykonos, Greece.  There is plenty to see on the island including popular landmarks such as the Windmills, Petros the Pelican museums and beaches.  Mykonos Island has a must see beach appropriately named Paradise.  Tourists find shopping to be enjoyable because of the fancy boutiques on the island.  Most boutiques are open seven days a week but closed daily from 2pm to 5pm.

Lay of the Land

Since Mykonos, Greece is located on an island you can expect plenty of water.  Research the beaches that surround the island they might not be what you expect.  Restaurants line the cobblestone streets and there is always something good to eat.   There are three nightclubs on the island, two on Paradise beach and one in Mykonos town.  Whether you fly, ride in on a cruise ship, or sail the open seas by boat, Mykonos has something for everyone.


The Mykonos Windmills

One of the most iconic features of Greece are the windmills atop the town of Mykonos.   The mills were initially established to refine and compact grain for sea transport.  The mills are white and circular with a cone shaped roof.  Since no longer used for grinding grain however they have been restored and are used for museums or living spaces.  The Windmill of Geronymos is still preserved and is privately owned.

A Day at the Beach

There are many beaches on Mykonos with tavernas and deck chairs.  You typically have to rent deck chairs and umbrellas.  The south side of the island has the best beaches with vendors that walk up and down trying to sell their goods.  There are also nude beaches on the island so be sure to research which beach you are going to!  Most beaches are located close to hotels, apartments and restaurants.  Some beaches have beach bars, while others are a constant party.  Paradise beach is known for the party scene and you can expect music to be blaring on the island at 4 p.m.

Little Venice

The most romantic and picturesque neighborhood on Mykonos is known as “Little Venice.”  Situated on the edge of the sea, this bustling area is filled with plenty of shops, restaurants and an unparalleled view as the sun sets.  Don’t miss this perfect little neighborhood!

Where to Stay

Mykonos Grand Hotel & Resort

Experience another world at this island oasis resort known as Mykonos Grand Hotel. Located on the beachfront, this luxurious resort is an inspirational sight with panoramic views of the Aegean Sea.  Watersports are not allowed on the sandy beach that surrounds the resort in an effort to create a peaceful and relaxing environment.  Customer service is the number one priority at the resort where your every need is fulfilled.  There are many types of rooms offered at the resort with views of the garden and sea.  Suites are also available with our without a private pool.  Three honeymoon packages are available with amenities including champagne, daily room service and VIP lounge check in.   Relax at the Althea Spa Center by indulging in the Mykonian “Chill Out” Package.  The package includes a Mykonian scrub, Detox algae mask in a Vichy shower and back massage.  The resort also includes usage of the facilities including restaurants, bars, spa, and a traditional church.  The picturesque setting is perfect for your wedding ceremony and all ceremony related services are offered by hotel.  Make sure to bring your birth certificate, baptism certificate and letter from your church’s minister giving permission and blessing to get married on the island.  If you plan on getting married at the resort you must be Christian Orthodox.

Hotel Kivotos Mykonos

Traditional architecture and original art provide the backdrop to one of the best hotels on Mykonos.  Each piece of artwork in Hotel Kivotos is painstakingly selected for beauty and grandeur, much like the hotel itself.  Originally intended to be a villa this hotel is just five minutes from Mykonos’ town.  The resort features a hotel and a private villa upon request.  Noah’s Villa is a private residence on the resort which sleeps six guests.  Offering private dining and sitting areas, a Jacuzzi with direct views of the sea and a butler service, this villa will become your home away from home.  Two specialty suites at the hotel include breathtaking sea views and a private pool.  Other luxurious rooms at the hotel boast sea and garden views and feature amenities such as televisions and modern furnishings.   The most unique feature about this hotel are the rental services.   You can rent a helicopter, lear jet, car, motorbike or private yacht for your pleasure.  The hotel offers two wedding packages that include wedding planning services and pick-up with a limousine or Porsche Cayenne.  Relax at the Kivotos SPA or at the private beach which is just steps away from your room.  The main seawater pool is located on the lower level and has underwater music and a swim up bar.  A freshwater pool is surrounded by the flower gardens and also features an open Jacuzzi.

Cavo Tagoo

A five star boutique hotel nestled in the cliffside of Mykonos, Greece.  The hotel’s philosophy “strives to be a canvas upon which visitors can color their island dreams.” The main concern for staff at Cavo Tagoo is the customers experience.  Rooms range from one to two bedroom private villas and suites.  Fall in love all over again in the honeymoon suite.

The suite includes an upper level view and features a private pool, Jacuzzi and a king size bed.  The Mykonos luxury spa offers a variety of relaxation treatments that include the use of extra virgin Greek olive oil.  Only the best when you stay at the best!  If you forgot your swimsuit, an on-site boutique can help you with that!

Where to Eat

Avli tou Thodori

In Greek Avli tou Thodori means Thodore’s Courtyard and is known for the distinct tastes and stunning views of the Aegean sea.   The restaurant is located on the east side of the island.  With its easy access to both Paradise and Super Paradise islands this restaurant is a must see!  Old black and white photos line the walls of this cottage style restaurant.  Enjoy traditional dishes such as tzatziki, Greek salads and pork souvlaki.

Jimmy’s Gyros

Although it might sound like an American name, don’t be fooled.  This hole in the wall restaurant is a little secret among locals and serves the best gyros on Mykonos island.  Make sure to visit more than once and pick up a tee shirt as a memento.  Just be sure to give Jimmy a nod as you walk out the door while he plays his guitar.

Nobu Matsushisa

One of the most amazing and exclusive Japanese restaurants in the world resides in Mykonos, Greece.  Nobu Matsushisa offers fresh sushi is made to order in an array of fish to please your palate.  Other traditional Japanese dishes include salads, kushiyaki, and tempura.

Various hot and cold special dishes are on the menu as well as an abbreviated lunch and dinner menu. Donburi is served with many options including chicken teriyaki and combination tempura versions.   The chef’s choice of Omakase, a Japanese phrase that means “I’ll leave it to you,” is the most exotic and best dishes at the restaurant.