Latest Trends in Color and Texture

December 22, 2013

I attended the 2014 Trend Forecast Webinar presented by NACE University.  They covered a large number of topics regarding new fashion, trends, colors, events and designs that are up and coming this year.  Here’s an overview of what’s “IN” for the next year:

  • For colors – YELLOW is hot – think linen & champagne.  Of all colors, BLUE is the new black.  That is the IN color for spring of 2014 which is good because that color looks great on me (thank you Mama for my blue eyes)!  Neons are a fad and are going out.
  • The vintage, organic look is popular.
  • To take it a step further the romantic, lacey look is back.
  • My favorite — sequins are back – who doesn’t love a lot of bling and sparkle!
  • Metallics are a thumbs up – gold, silver & blush.
  • Rosettes are a new look for brides. Definitely a look you have to like. Rossettes are seen on the bride and also on the wedding cake or napkins on the table.
  • Floral, prints and stripes totally IN. Who would have thought!
  • Velvets are coming back. Contemporary style prints are still trending. I think these will always be around just from what I’ve seen.
  • I always see this look and it’s my daughters FAVORITE look however I didn’t realize it has a name…it is Ikat. I guess you can call it a softer version of tribal. IN for fashion.
  • As for the trends in event design Eco Chic and Rustique are very popular. I see a lot of Rustique on all social networks. I am a fan of this look.
  • Chic Beach and Desert Chic totally IN.
  • And who could ever forget good old Black and White is BACK! I love that look and it always looks so classy.

They also discussed mixing patterns & textures – it really adds a kick to any table.  Embroidered sheers are a popular look right now.  Just make sure to make them as flat as possible on the table-make it functional or you’ll have a lot of spilled drinks.

All in all, we could go on and on regarding this topic – which just goes to show you a wedding or special occasion takes time, knowledge, experience and staying on top of what’s trending to make it the best day of your life.  The main thing is whatever you want to put together for your special day or occasion THAT is what is in and you’ll make it work.

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