Real Wedding: Kerri & Brian

January 27, 2014

With a beautiful, handmade wedding and honoring timeless traditions, Kerri and Brian really are lucky. Lucky to have found such perfect matches in each other, and lucky to have such beautiful, detailed images of their big day from Sarah Immel Photography!  The photographer helped the couple establish a realistic timeline for the big day, and she has phenomenal experience which made everything flow smoothly for the bride.  It was very important for the couple to stay true to themselves and not have one of those weddings that feels ‘stiff’, like they were just going through the motions.

The wedding ceremony was held at the Noble Victory Memorial Chapel. The Chapel had an old look about it – almost castle-looking! It was gorgeous with all the stone walls, windows and stained glass. Kerri & Brian wanted something ‘blue’ to follow wedding tradition. Kerri put blue rhinestones on the bottom arch of her wedding shoes that read “I Do” and Brian wore blue suede shoes. The Bridesmaids got to pick out their own dress style. It was very important to Kerri that the girls standing up in the wedding felt comfortable with what they were wearing. The groomsmen looked fashionable even when their suit coats were removed. Both flower girls were really young so the bride wanted to make sure they would be excited about their dress, too. What makes a small female child excited? A tutu!

It was important for both the bride and groom to keep with tradition so they incorporated different things into the ceremony.  The bride’s Mother’s family has a tradition (since early 1900’s) of carrying a prayer-book down the aisle and the bride’s Grandmother left her wedding ring for Kerri. In honor of these traditions, the bride focused on ensuring that their ceremony style was timeless. Kerri’s hope was that if some one that didn’t know her saw a black and white picture of their ceremony, they wouldn’t know what year it was.

After leaving the Chapel the bride and groom, along with their wedding party, headed over to The Kiltie, a drive-in restaurant that makes its own frozen custard. I love this idea, since I am a fan of ice cream and it makes for some very cute pictures.  The reception followed at The Oconomowoc Lake Club which is nestled on the shores of Oconomowoc Lake.  The couple had a suitcase and wooden box for wedding cards, a plague to sign for the new married couple, old pictures of family & friends hung on a rope, cute candy pretzels placed on each plate for the guests, and fun straws.

What I found to be so much fun and something that is inexpensive is an area for fun pictures to be taken. They had shapes (mustache, lips, bow tie, etc) attached to sticks which could be used as props for picture-taking. Then you could hashtag the photo to be specific to their wedding. I’m hoping lots of pictures were taken and put on social media sites for the bride and groom to relive that day.

Time for the wedding cake! This is not your traditional wedding cake.  With a summer wedding on their side it only made sense to have a Dairy Queen ice cream cake.

Towards the end of the night, while Kerri and Brian were on the dance floor, their family and closest friends formed a giant circle around them swooping in and out on the couple. They embraced this moment and cherished the memories they were creating that night. The bride still smiles when she watches the video of that unexpected moment.

This wedding was so much fun. The laughter, smiles and love that filled the air was amazing. I am truly impressed with all the DIY options incorporated in this wedding. They left the important details to the experts so they could enjoy their day.  Thank you Kerri and Brian for all your great ideas to help other brides-to-be.

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