Real Wedding: Stephanie & Will

February 20, 2014

When a bride and groom begin planning a wedding, very often they immediately go to having a wedding in the more temperate seasons of summer or fall. We love it when brides and grooms think outside the box and realize that winter weddings can be uniquely beautiful. Stephanie and Will’s photos are fabulous proof of that. Their photographers, Cream City Weddings, did a great job in telling their story.  Here are some things that they did that made their wedding especially beautiful despite some challenging weather conditions.

They were willing to make the most of the shorter winter days by doing a “first look” and then their family photos. The “first look” is a time before the wedding and all the celebration where the photographer gathers with the bride and groom and their wedding party for photos.  In this case, it allowed them to make the most of the sunshine of winter.  Outside of St Anthony’s in Menomonee Falls was the perfect setting for Stephanie and Will to see each other for the first time. They had time to drink in their day, spend some quiet time together before the wedding and make some beautiful portraits of the two of them and their bridal party.

After the first look they immediately went into the family formals at the church altar. Armed with a list of formal groupings they preplanned with their photographer, they moved quickly so that Stephanie and Will were able to take a breather before the guests arrived and relax with a special letter that they had written to each other. Having photos done before the actual ceremony allows the bride and groom time to mingle with their guests during the cocktail hour.

Since they were married around the holidays they had the added benefit of not having to do much to in the way of decorations for the altar of the church. However, they took special care that their wedding was not specifically holiday themed. Their colors incorporated the winter colors of gray, light blue, silver with damask highlights which beautifully complemented the holiday lights that were still available.

After their wedding, Stephanie and Will had planned on doing some outdoor night shots with the photographer.  The weather had turned nasty and rainy but they decided to try it anyway. You can see that the photos of them in the rain are some of the most stunning photos of the day!

At the reception they carried the blue and silver theme throughout the room that really made it sparkle. Since they didn’t want a traditional cake, they incorporated Stephanie’s grandparent’s wedding topper in an adorable setting in between cupcakes and homemade treats from friends. So while Stephanie and Will had many traditional aspects to their wedding, they were also willing to do some things that were a bit less traditional to make the wedding uniquely their own. We think you’ll agree the results were stunning!

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