Local Ice Sculpture Artist Wins 4th Place in Alaska Competition

March 14, 2014

While we’ve been experiencing some of the coldest temperatures that I can remember, Alaska apparently was having great weather! Every year, people from all over visit Alaska for the World Ice Art Championships. There, teams work together to turn blocks of ice into masterpieces. A local team from Art Below Zero won fourth place in the competition. Team members Max Zuleta, Steve Brice, Heather Brice and Peter Slavin created the sculpture “The Last Dance” from 9 blocks of ice, each weighing about 2,000 lbs.

Art Below Zero creates unique and custom ice sculptures to enhance any event. They use both handcrafting and computer technology to create your ice sculpture that is delivered right to your event. View some of the images on this article for example.

Congratulations goes out to Art Below Zero. Your win was an incredible feat!

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