Is it bad luck to see each other before the wedding?

August 19, 2014

Dear PB Pro,

Our photographer wants to take pictures before the ceremony, but my mom says it’s bad luck! How do other couples approach the timing of their pictures these days? What should we do?

— Fretting the Photos

Dear Fretting the Photos,

There are valid reasons to debate whether or not the bride and the groom should see each other before the ceremony, but the risk of bad luck isn’t one of them! Of course it’s romantic to think of your groom first seeing you as you walk down the aisle, but I actually suggest following your photographer’s advice. Here are three reasons why:

#1 Nowadays, “first look” photos are all the rage. Your photographer can set up your first look photograph so it’s just the two of you — much more intimate than first seeing each other in a crowded room. Your photographer will snap a few pics, then leave you and the groom to have a few minutes alone together. In the whirlwind of your wedding day, these precious moments are so worth it.

#2 With the highly anticipated first look out of the way, you now have the opportunity to take all of your other photos (ones with your bridal party, families, and friends) pre-ceremony. But make sure to give yourselves enough time! Start the session two to three hours prior to the ceremony.

#3 After the ceremony, you can roll right into the reception. Couples that wait to take all of their photos after the ceremony often end up arriving late to their own party, and that’s not any fun for the bride and groom, nor is it fair to the guests! The best wedding I ever attended had the ceremony in the early evening. Dinner and dancing started immediately after in the very same building. The bride and groom had already finished pictures before the ceremony, so there wasn’t any awkward waiting around or down time. The seamless transition made for a room full of very happy wedding guests!

In short: Take your photographer’s professional advice. Shoot the photos before the ceremony. You’ll capture amazing moments, enjoy your own reception all the more, and have friends and family raving about your wedding being guest-friendly for years to come.

— PB Pro

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