I want to post my photos first!

December 22, 2014

Dear PB Pro,

I have been to a lot of weddings lately where people take pictures and then post them on Facebook, Instagram and other social media. The idea of people doing that at my wedding bothers me. I have a professional photographer there to take quality photos. I want to post those pictures and I should be the first to do it. How can I tell my friends and family to keep their pictures of my wedding off the sites?

— Unplug My Wedding

Dear Unplug My Wedding,

It’s not unusual for a bride to request this and it’s something your friends and family should understand. I wouldn’t want grainy, unfocused photos of me at my wedding floating over social media sites when I could post quality photos that I like later. So how do you communicate this to everyone delicately? Tell those who are closest to you in person. For guests, add a small blurb in your program or on table assignments letting them know your wishes. You can thank them for sharing in your joyous day but request that if they take photos, to refrain from posting them on any social media and allow you to post them first. End by thanking them for their consideration. As we see social media mature this might become quite commonplace. Hopefully, your guests will be considerate.

Happy Posting!
The PB Pro


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