Getting the Most Out of Your Milwaukee Wedding Venue

February 16, 2016

By: Kim Casey, senior catering sales manager, Marcus Hotels & Resorts

A classic Milwaukee hotel is the perfect venue to host all of your wedding events. From the rehearsal dinner to the ceremony to the reception to the day-after brunch, a hotel like The Pfister, InterContinental Milwaukee or Hilton Milwaukee City Center, can do it all. Convenience, familiarity and luxury are all attainable at one exceptional location.


Whether guests are traveling 1,000 miles or 10 miles, having all of your wedding events in one location tucks everyone in for a weekend of comfort and ease. With a block of guest rooms, new friendships will develop and families will connect on a deeper level. One venue will also reduce stress for the bride, who won’t be frantically running from location to location worrying about all the different moving parts. You can start with your rehearsal dinner Friday night at the hotel restaurant, your wedding ceremony and reception on Saturday in a beautiful ballroom, and a post-wedding brunch Sunday morning at a hotel lounge or private banquet room.

Many of the more formal wedding traditions, such as the gift opening on Sunday morning at the brides’ parents home, are going out the window. Parents of the bride will be so exhausted and busy that in reality they’d have to wake up at 3:00 a.m. Sunday morning to get the house and food ready! It’s easier on everyone and just as lovely to open gifts on location after some much needed coffee and brunch.


In addition to being extremely convenient, hosting all wedding events in one hotel creates a sense of familiarity for the wedding party and guests. We’ve had the occasional two, three or even four generation wedding in which a bride decides to get married at the same hotel that her mother, grandmother and/or great-grandmother celebrated their own wedding.

If you’d really like someone to take the wedding planning reigns over without having to hire a wedding planner, a hotel wedding is the way to go. Our wedding specialists are completely hands-on and love to customize wedding events to fit each unique couple’s taste and budget. We enjoy making it personal for the bride and groom and their families whether that means signature drinks, a dish completely off the menu, or four separate events completely unique from one another. Another option for stressed out brides is to hire a day-of planner to orchestrate the timeline and keep everything on track.


A venue with a salon right on site is an added bonus, like the WELL Spa + Salon located inside the Pfister Hotel. The bridal party can have an entire spa day including hair, makeup, nails, massages and more without stepping outside. If the wedding events are taking place at the InterContinental or Hilton, a simple cab ride to WELL Spa will lead to a perfect day of pre-wedding bliss.

And for the guys, a hotel bar or lounge, like Miller Time Pub & Grill adjacent to the Hilton Milwaukee City Center, is the perfect spot to catch up and enjoy some cold beers. Many hotel venues also have exercise facilities, perfect for all those involved to get in some last minute stress relief.

When you have your reception at one of the Marcus hotels, you and your guests are given access to the best rate for rooms, restaurants, outlets and bars. By maximizing your venue to its full potential, your wedding weekend will truly be a dream come true.

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