Victoria & David’s Romantic Rotunda Wedding

April 1, 2016

Victoria and David worked together on and off for 11 years before finally becoming a couple. “One evening at a membership banquet, we saw each other from across the room,” Victoria recalls. “We greeted one another with a hug; it was magic.” David proposed during a trip to Vancouver, B.C. During the vacation, the couple did a day trip to Victoria, walking around and taking in the beauty.

After dinner, David revealed that he had planned a carriage ride. “Halfway into the ride, we stopped at a garden. We got out and sat on a park bench,” Victoria says. “Then David got down on one knee and proposed. It was a blur. As he tells the story, I looked like a freight train was headed toward me — no screaming or excitement, though I did cry. It finally hit me on our two-hour drive back to Vancouver.”

Victoria and David planned an elegant Sunday wedding with a “somewhat 1940s” feel. They went for old glam and sophistication, keeping the ceremony and cocktail hour adults-only. “We hired a babysitter for the out-of-town guests with children during this time. The kids were brought back to their parents for dinner and the reception.”

Both the ceremony and reception were held at The Rotunda. “When deciding on a venue, we wanted something different, that people would remember, and that went with our 1940s style. The Rotunda was beautiful and reflected this.” The ceremony incorporated both Catholic and Lutheran elements. “We were very respectful of each others religious beliefs.”

The two exchanged very personal vows: “We said what we felt and it came across to those attending as well. We also had two sets of open chairs at the front on both the bride and groom side. These empty chairs represented our parents who have passed. They would have been there, so we wanted to symbolize that.”

The ceremony moved right into cocktail hour, and after that, Chef Jack catered a unique and delicious dinner. “We didn’t want a formal sit-down dinner, so we opted for food stations. The mashed potato bar was the biggest hit — the potatoes were served in martini glasses. The wedding cake was elegant and simple. We chose a light flavor (Tres Leches) plus an assortment of Italian cookies and mini cannoli. Chef Jack did a fabulous job!”

For DIY projects, Victoria made her own floral arrangements, incorporating turkey feathers she had collected over the year. “I was able to get some interesting ones!” she says. “It sounds odd, but we have quite a few wild turkeys on our property, so it meant something to us.” David and Victoria also displayed a collection of family wedding photos of their respective parents, grandparents, and siblings.

One of the most special parts of the evening was Victoria’s costume change. “I wanted to change into another dress for the reception. I’d shown David one, but little did he know it was not the dress I was going to wear. At that one magical membership banquet when we hugged each other for the first time, I was wearing a long bronze gown. David frequently talked about that dress.” And that bronze dress was Victoria’s costume change. “When I re-entered the room, he smiled from ear to ear. The actual wedding picture we have hanging above our fireplace is of me in that gown. Jerry from In-Focus Photography got the perfect shot.”

Victoria says In-Focus Photography was one of their favorite vendors, and for more reasons than just the bronze gown photo. “They are wonderful people. We have been working with them since I had a glamour shoot back in 2011,” Victoria says. “We then used them for our engagement shoot and our wedding. They go above and beyond and I recommend them to everyone. They have a talent for capturing just the right moment.”

Pre-Wedding Celebration~Victoria went with her matron of honor and her sister to Azana Spa, Brookfield`David went with the best man and a small group of guys to Romines High Pockets in Milwaukee
Invitations~Invitations by Dawn
Ceremony and Reception Location~The Rotunda, Waukesha
Caterer~Chef Jack’s
Cake~Baked Custom Desserts, Milwaukee
Flowers~Gregory and Company
Music/Entertainment~Pre-ceremony – Bach Chamber Choir and Harpist, Mary Keppeler`During Ceremony – Bach Chamber Choir, the Harpist and Tim Stemper, guitar`During cocktail reception – Tim Stemper and Pam Duronio`During reception – band Vivo
Photo and Video~In-Focus Photography
Sound~ALM Fusion LLC
Party Favors~Pleasoning Seasoning, LaCrosse
Dress~Miss Ruby, Milwaukee
Formal Wear~Squire’s Fine Men’s Apparel, Brookfield
Rings~Powers, Downtown Milwaukee
Honeymoon~Florence and Venice, Italy. My relatives that live in Italy gave us a wedding reception at the Garzoni Gardens in Pescia, Italy

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