Should I send e-vites for my wedding?

June 20, 2016

Dear PB Pro,

I’d like to order traditional invitations for our wedding, but my fiancé says we should go digital. He says e-vites are more environmentally friendly and affordable — two things I find it hard to argue with. But I’m afraid digital invites come off cheap! Help?

— Digital Doubts

Dear Digital Doubts,

I have to agree with you: Digital invites aren’t nearly as polished as traditional paper invites (and that’s putting it lightly). Of course, it depends on the style of your wedding and your vibe as a couple. Are you throwing a more casual ceremony/party? Or are you and your fiancé known for being tech and social media savvy? If so, I can see digital working for you.

If not (and I assume not, since you took the time to ask), classic invites are the way to go. Paper invitations suit the more formal occasion; even if your wedding isn’t super formal, it’s still a wedding! They also will better serve your guests, since not everyone is computer literate. Not to mention, wedding invitations make for a precious keepsake — something to frame or paste in a scrapbook.

If your goal is to go green, there are ways to do so even with a printed invitation. Choose recycled paper and envelopes with script in soy or vegetable inks. Work with companies who foster sustainable business practices. Another trend is seed paper: paper with seeds embedded in it that your guests can plant instead of toss in the trash.

One final note: While I recommend sticking with traditional invitations for the wedding itself, bear in mind that it’s okay to go digital for other informal events leading up to the big day. As long as your guests are tech savvy enough, feel free to send e-vites for bridal showers, bachelor and bachelorette parties, and other such occasions.

— The PB Pro

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