Adding “You” Into Your Wedding

June 22, 2016

By: Theresa Wolf, Senior Events Manager, InterContinental Milwaukee

As you plan your wedding, managing the budget can be stressful as dollars add up very quickly.  It is essential to make smart choices, but most importantly, you need to focus on what matters to you.  And, if you are into the latest trends, you will need to set aside some of your dollars for customizing your wedding to fit your preferences and personality.


As technology advances, lighting is becoming more affordable and it can enhance any space – from the most elegant ballroom to a very basic banquet room.  Uplighting throughout the room sets the dreamy mood and makes a memorable impression for your guests. Check with your DJ, as you’ll be surprised what they can provide.  Most offer everything from basic packages to premium options.  Keep in mind that even a few strategically-placed uplights will make an impact.  If your budget allows, work with a decorating vendor or ask your Event Manager to coordinate. You will be able to add other elements, like pin spot and LED bistro lighting.  At our properties, we can also arrange custom pipe and drape backdrops with LED strand lights, GOBO lighting, and other ‘room enhancing’ options.  Even traditional votives and inexpensive LED base table lights (now available with remote controls) will add to the ambience.

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Colors are in this year.  Bright, bold, deep, metallic, mixed, jewel shades and tones such as gold, bronze, or deep blue or green.  No more black and white or totally ivory.  Colorful table linens or overlays can make the room pop.  Even dressing up a few tables, like the bridal party, parents, cake and place card tables can make your room unique and interesting.  Ensure you customize your cake to work with your theme as well.   If your budget is limited, don’t pass up the complimentary linen, just build from there.  Pick your favorite color(s) and create.  You can blend with your floral arrangements, place cards, menu cards, table runners, party favors, chair covers, sashes, and more.  Let your imagination go wild when it comes to décor!

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What else is working?  Non-traditional seating arrangements.  Mix it up.  Combine standard rounds with rectangular and square tables.  You do not need to make all your tables look the same!  Skip the staged, and boring, head table for the bridal party, and opt for a ‘t’ shaped or conference style table. Switch out colors and floral arrangements throughout the room.


Late Night Snacks

Finally, everyone’s a foodie these days.  So, you’ve selected your dinner menu, but think about the late night snack.  I highly recommend ordering one.  What’s your favorite food fun?   You can pair it – like cookies and milk, mini tacos and margaritas, pretzels with cheese sauce and root beer, sliders and milkshakes, bread and water (ok, I’m just kidding on this one) or a food truck.  Let your personalities shine.

Weddings are not traditional anymore. I suggest making yours all about you!

Theresa Wolf, Senior Events Manager, InterContinental Milwaukee
Theresa Wolf, Senior Events Manager, InterContinental Milwaukee


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