Can we put wedding registry information on our invitations?

July 5, 2016

Dear PB Pro,

Is it okay to include our registry info on our wedding invitation? To me it seems efficient, but some friends and family say it’s tacky. Thoughts?

— Not Tacky

Dear Not Tacky,

If you want to remain “not tacky,” you’ll listen to your friends and family. Yes, some brides do include registry information with their invitation, but it’s not really in good taste. Your wedding invitation should be all about welcoming your guests to share in your special day — not an advertisement for where they can buy you presents.

Plus, there’s an easy way around this which will still get your registry info out there: a wedding website. Wedding websites are pretty standard and easy to create these days, and including your website information in your invitation is completely okay. Remember, your site will have hotel information, your love story, info about your bridal party, etc. — and a link to your registry! That’s the classy way to go.

— The PB Pro

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