My groom has no fashion sense – what do I do?

August 2, 2016

Dear PB Pro,

My fiancee is a sweetheart, but he doesn’t know the first thing about fashion. He keeps talking about seeing me in a full ball gown and tiara on our wedding day. There’s no way I’m wearing a tiara and full ball gown. Tiaras are so not me, and I’m short and petite — I drown in ball gowns! I found my dream dress recently — much more form-fitting and romantic. But my fiancee keeps bringing up this ball gown vision he has. I feel bad! I don’t want to disappoint him, but he just doesn’t get that the princess look doesn’t work for me. How do I handle this?

— Dress Stress

Dear Dress Stress,

Who’s wearing this gown? You or your fiancee? You have to choose what’s best for you — your style, shape, and vibe. Princess gowns and tiaras aren’t for everyone. You say your fiancee is clueless about fashion, and I’d venture there are a lot of grooms out there who wouldn’t know a sheath dress from a mermaid skirt. That’s pretty normal.

In fact, your sweetheart is probably also clueless as to how all his talk of ball gowns is making you feel. So just talk to him! This doesn’t have to be such a big deal. Tell him you get lost in poofy skirts, so he needs to lighten up on the ball gown talk. Tell him you have something else in mind and it’s going to knock his socks off — and no more questions or it will spoil the surprise!

Remember: This guy loves you. He wants you to be happy, confident, and feeling like the best version of yourself on your wedding day. Once you mention to him that ball gowns and tiaras aren’t a recipe for your wedding day happiness, that will surely be enough to silence his princess talk. Then you can turn your attention to more pressing matters: Like worrying about what he’s going to wear.

— The PB Pro

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