Do I need contracts from all of my wedding vendors?

August 16, 2016

Dear PB Pro,

My best friend is an event coordinator. She said she would coordinate my wedding at half her normal rate. My fiancé says I need to get this in writing, but I feel weird asking a friend for a contract. Help?

— Mixing Friends & Business

Dear Mixing Friends & Business,

By throwing a wedding, yes, you are doing business with various vendors — some who might also double as friends. Either way, contracts are definitely a must. If your best friend is a professional, established event coordinator, a contract should come as no surprise to her. In fact, it benefits her just as much as it does you.

The contract should include all services promised to you as well as an agreed-upon price. More than likely, your friend will also ask for a deposit up front. Remember that though she’s your friend, she deserves to be reimbursed for her time and talents.

If it seems too stressful to mix friends with contracts and money, then don’t! Your friend should understand if you want to keep your wedding vendors separate from your guests. After all, if she’s not busy coordinating your special day, she’ll actually be able to enjoy it, as a best friend should.

In the end, it’s your call — but if you do take her up on her generous offer, get it in writing. Get all of your vendor agreements in writing. That’s the business of planning a wedding.

— The PB Pro

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