Showing Skin (The Right Way) On Your Wedding Day

March 8, 2017

Every bride wants to feel beautiful on her wedding day — and that usually means feeling a little sexy, too! But there’s a fine line between a lot of allure and a little bit lewd. Gowns in the Morilee collection by Madeline Gardner showcase the right way to bare some skin on your wedding day.

Open-Backed Beauties

Showing some skin as you walk away is a classic way to achieve subtle sexiness. Gowns with a low, open back have been on trend for a number of years. Some open-backed gowns are trimmed with shimmering beads and lace, making for a truly dazzling exit.

Strapless Sweethearts

A strapless gown is made to show off the graceful slope of bare shoulders and arms. A simple straight-across cut feels modern and streamlined, while a sweetheart’s center dip feels feminine and sophisticated. Strapless gowns are also the most versatile; a lace top piece or cozy shrug slips easily over a bare-shouldered bodice.

Deep V Va-Va-Voom

If you’ve got it, flaunt it! A deep V can be a fabulous way to show off your gorgeous curves — if done properly. The perfect fit is key. Opt for a super-low neckline or back, not both. When trying on low-cut gowns, take a step back and ask yourself what your guests will notice first: your beautiful face or the girls? if you make elegance your goal, a deep V can be a show stopper instead of a peep show.

Beaded Bodices

Beading and appliqué will always bring drama and glamour to a wedding gown. Nowadays, they’re bringing a little sexiness, too! Sparkling embellishments seem to float upon illusion netting and sheer bodices for a barely-there, fantasy feeling.

Sheer & Cropped Tops

Sheer panels or smartly-cropped separates are a stylish way to show a peekaboo of skin and the right amount of midriff. A corseted bodice rendered in tasteful, un-lined lace echoes boudoir fashions. A cropped top with a hint of bare skin gives off a more laid-back vibe and easy-breezy allure.