I Want the Badger Fight Song in my Wedding!

March 18, 2017

Dear PB Pro,

My fiancé and I are both alums of the University of Wisconsin – Madison, and huge sports fans. We’re even having Wisconsin Badger colors for our wedding! I want the Badger fight song to play at some point during the night — when’s the best time to do it? 

– Badger Bride

Dear Badger Bride,

Kicking off the reception with your university’s fight song is always a fun idea! You can have the band or DJ play it as you enter the reception for the Grand March. You’ll be announced, your guests will be shouting their congratulations and well-wishes at you — it’s the perfect background music for your own personal cheering squad! You could even have red and white pompoms as fun little favors for your guests to wave as you walk through the reception hall. What a great way to start the party! 

If for some reason you had other plans for your Grand March, another option would be handing out pompoms at the start of the dancing and playing the fight song then. It could be one of the first songs you play or strategically placed in the middle of the band or DJ’s song list. Make sure to choose a time when your photographer is still on hand! This is a great opportunity to snap a group photo with any other Wisconsin alums in room. Go Badgers! 

— The PB Pro

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