Where do you draw the line on who to invite?

July 19, 2017

Dear PB Pro,

Where do you draw the line on which friends to invite to your wedding? There are some friends I only see at group parties, others I only see at Christmas, and a few who I was super close with during grade school and high school, but we’ve since drifted. I enjoy having these people in my life in their own way, but the guest list is starting to really add up. Help! 

– Too Many Friends

Dear Too Many Friends,

There’s no rule stating that every friendship that has ever entered your life requires an invite to your wedding. Of course inviting your close friends is a no-brainer, but the ones you’re unsure of require a little more introspection. One easy way is to ask yourself: Have I seen this person in the past year? Was it a meaningful interaction? Or, can you imagine yourself having a meaningful interaction (say, a sit-down dinner – not just guzzling champagne at a New Year’s Eve party) within the next year? If the answer to any of these questions is “no,” skip the invite — or at least add their names to the B-list, in case friends and family from your A-list are unable to attend. 

— The PB Pro

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