How can I honor my parent’s anniversary at my wedding?

October 12, 2017

Dear PB Pro,

My parents are such an inspiration to me! They will be celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary close to my wedding date, and I’d love to honor them in some way. Any ideas?

– 30-Year Goals

Dear 30-Year Goals,

Congrats to your mom and dad! How wonderful to have such role models to look up to as you begin married life. There are lots of ways brides and grooms pay tribute to the great marriages in their families. You might include a simple note of congratulations in the ceremony program, or a reading dedicated to them. At the reception, consider setting up a table of framed photos from your parents’ wedding for guests to enjoy. During dinner, you could also give a toast to them and their 30 years, or invite them onto the dance floor for a special moment in the spotlight. Whatever the gesture, your parents will no doubt be moved that you took time from your day to show just how much their love inspires you.

— The PB Pro

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