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Interesting Trends for Weddings in 2018

December 20, 2017

Formal Weddings

In 2018 and beyond, we are beginning to see the reemergence of more formal weddings.  For the last few years, we have seen the barn weddings, the shabby chic, the vintage…but now wedding décor is starting to trend to the formal side once again.  Not only will you see this trend on the rise when it comes to wedding décor, but you will also see it in the dress code, flowers, and even the popularity of wedding venues that have a more formal look!

formal weddings trending 2018

Hanging Flowers, Bold Blooms & Wedding Wreaths

Everything is becoming more creative and more “over the top” in weddings and we are seeing this trend in floral displays too.  Flowers and formal weddings have always gone hand in hand…so it is natural that we are seeing huge, elegant flower arrangements.  The twist to the new trend in flowers is that they are hanging or suspended from the ceilings.  They are appearing over the wedding tables, sweetheart tables, dance floor or ceremony spaces.
floral wreaths and hanging flowers

Guest Experiences

For a few years now, the “Guest Experience” has taken a huge presence at weddings.  A guest experience is something that enhances the guest experience and is not expected.  Guest experiences can include; photo booths, cigar rolling stations, whisky bars, food trucks, special dance performances or any unique food display!  While guest experiences have been around we are seeing them become bigger and more over the top.  Each bride and groom desire to have something “special” at their wedding that makes it memorable for all who attended…so anything goes!

Trends in Fashion

Wedding dresses are facing two huge trends in 2018…flower embellishments and capes.  As we watch the runways we are seeing designers use flower embellishments to adorn their latest collections.  These flowers can be on the train, skirt, necklines or veils.  Many are using flowers to enhance the illusion necklines and create beautiful flower “tattoos” on long sleeves and necklines.  We are also seeing designers using capes to give their designs a dramatic twist.  These capes are typically embellished with lace, beads, flowers  or other embellishments.  Many brides use the capes for the formal wedding ceremony and then take them off for the reception.

Smaller Guest Lists

An overall, nationwide trend, is having a smaller guest list.  Brides and grooms are focusing on opulent décor, unique guest experiences and great food.  To pull off these elements  and stay within the wedding budget, they are shrinking their guest list.

Here is a list of other 2018 Wedding Trends that are being noticed:

  • Navy is the new black – Blue Hues
  • Silver, Chrome and Copper  are the popular metallic
  • Mix and Match of Textures
  • Food Experiences and Creative Desserts
  • “Woodsy” Look
  • Transparent Wedding Venues and Elements
  • Non “paper” invitations
  • Pearls are coming back

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