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June 14, 2018


Wedding Coordinators can alleviate the inescapable stress of planning a wedding. While a budget-conscious bride may hesitate because it is an item to add to the budget, a wedding coordinator may be able to maximize a budget by knowing the industry and utilizing existing connections to vendors. Be sure to ask the following questions when selecting a Wedding Coordinator!

-How far in advance should I book your services?
-Can I see a proposed ‘Wedding Planning Timeline’?
-Do you offer packages? If so, what do they include?
-Do you offer ‘day of the wedding’ assistance?
-Are your fees based on an hourly rate, a flat rate, or on the total cost of the wedding?
-Can I see examples of weddings you have coordinated?
-Will you be able to work with the coordinator and staff at my reception location?
-Can you provide me with special rates when working with certain vendors?
-Do you have a cancellation policy?
-Is a deposit required? If so, when and how much?

Photos Courtesy of Weddings With a Twist

Pro Tips from Wedding Coordinators:

“The most important thing to look for in a wedding planner is someone you can connect with and feel comfortable with. You will be working very closely with them and they will play a very important role in your wedding, so it should be someone that you get along with, that shares and understands your vision for your wedding day, and that you can completely trust. When my clients know they can trust me to handle their day just the way they want it, I can tell how much pressure that takes off of them and how much more at ease they are on their wedding day. I truly think it makes a difference in how much they can enjoy themselves. Plus when you find someone who’s personality clicks with yours, you often end up making a new friend in the process!

Aside from that, I think experience is also very important, especially depending on the complexity of the event and the venue(s). Each wedding requires different strengths and it’s important to find someone with expertise that compliments your needs. In addition, if you are planning anything out of the ordinary that will require coordination, it’s a great idea to ask about that right away to make sure it is in fact something the planner can accommodate. I think people often get caught up in just asking for a price quote right away and while I understand it’s important to save money and stay within budget, finding the right planner should be of more importance that just the cost alone.”

-Krista Dentice, Owner and Wedding Planner, Weddings With a Twist

Photos Courtesy of Ambrosia Events

“Getting engaged comes with a lot of joyous emotions, but soon after you will be faced with checklists and an array of decisions to make. That is why some brides choose to enlist the help of a wedding planner, like us at Ambrosia Events. But before you make a decision on a planner, here are some things to consider. Have an idea of the date you would want the wedding to take place, the number of guest you will potentially host, ideas of venues/locations, and your wedding budget. Ask questions that pertain to your vision, make your points clear and let them know what is the most important thing for you. If you have a set budget, make sure you are heard and work with a planner that will stick to your limit. Here at Ambrosia Events we work with any budget and work closely with the couples to ensure their needs are met, because for us the most important thing is to provide services that our clients will be always happy with.”

-Oscar Sanchez, President and Lead Consultant, Ambrosia Events

Photos Courtesy of Mia’s Wedding & Event Planning

“The bottom line is this… Enjoying your wedding and every moment that surrounds your wedding is easy when you work with a wedding planner. Shouldn’t you be able to have a beautiful, stress-free time on one of the biggest days of your life? My name is Maria Diaz-Steponitis and I am so happy to be doing what I love!!!  Who doesn’t love…LOVE !!!!! Finding a wedding planner is easy, finding the right wedding planner that’s a perfect fit, not so easy.  But if you ask the right questions and go with your heart, everything will fall into place.  Also, look for wedding planners in the surrounding area of your wedding location.  They are more familiar with local vendors and are better equipped in the planning phase.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions and check-out their social media presence (instagram, twitter, facebook, website).  By doing so and learning more about them through their social media presence, you will have a better understanding of what they can do. My advice is to interview a few wedding planners–don’t just settle on the first person you meet.  Schedule a face-to-face meeting, never hire someone whom you have not meet.  And the biggest advise I can give is……ENJOY EVERY MOMENT because Love is incredible.”

-Maria Diaz-Steponitis, CMM, CWP, Owner / Event Planner, Mia’s Wedding & Event Planning

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