How To Plan Your Dream Wedding on Instagram

How To Plan Your Dream Wedding on Instagram

August 1, 2018

I’m one of the lucky ones. I get to marry my best friend, my business partner, and literally the most handsome man on the planet—unbiased opinion. Through the years, we’ve built an amazing relationship and a business that we’re really proud of.

A huge driver of that business has been social media. Being able to share videos of our amazing students and choreographers has been an incredible source of growth and community-building. So naturally, I think it’s appropriate to share how you can harness some of that same social media juju to plan the wedding you’ve always been dreaming of.

Cast a Wide Net

I’m a dancer, not a fisherman (or maybe fisherwoman?), so that metaphor might be the wrong one – but the point I’m trying to make here is that if Instagram has one thing to teach us, it’s there are a lot of ideas out there. A lot.

Remember the last time, probably like an hour ago, that you got stuck scrolling through the discover page? There’s an endless supply of wedding photographers and hashtags to get lost in. So you know what? Get lost. Go and find as many weird, dumb, basic, amazing ideas as you can. You’ll never know what’s out there until you actually look and see what’s out there. Instagram is the easiest, fastest way to do that.

But maybe set an alarm or something so you don’t get lost for too long.

Everything is a Lie

I would be remiss not to remind you that unhealthy use of social media actually causes depression. Like, they’ve done studies. It’s not hard to get a crazy case of FOMO when it looks like everyone you went to high school with somehow pulled off their own little Royal Wedding.

So let’s get one thing straight – as much as the stuff we see online is great and can give us a lot of great ideas – remember how easy it is to use the right angles and good lighting to make even the most simple thing look incredible.

Get creative instead. Find inspiration, and then call your crafty friends for help. Look up budget friendly alternatives, watch a bunch of DIY videos, and maybe call up that really handy uncle you never talk to and see if he wants to help build that random wood structure you just have to have.

And hey, you can always DM the account you found the inspiration from and ask them how they did it.

Let Yourself Get Excited

Did you forget already? You’re getting married!

I’ll confess that when Will and I first got engaged, I was almost too busy to get excited. Trying to run a business, I got lost in the shuffle of everyday life; and adding planning a wedding to that already packed schedule seemed like the last thing I needed.

But then one day I opened up my phone to look for ideas, and it hit me: Oh my God, I get to marry my best friend!

I know it’s stressful, and there are about a billion things you have to figure out between now and the big day. But it’s your big day. And if you let it, it’s going to a freakin’ blast. Go ahead, let yourself get pumped.



Janelle Ginestra and Will ‘Willdabeast’ Adams
Janelle Ginestra and Will ‘Willdabeast’ Adams photo by Geovanny

Janelle Ginestra (Choreographer, Creative Director, Studio Owner, Professional Dancer) and Will ‘Willdabeast’ Adams (Choreographer, Director, Studio owner, Producer, Professional Dancer) are guest writers for Premier Bride and are getting married September 1-2, 2018.  We’re excited that they are sharing their journey with us.  Keep watching for future stories!

The Upcoming Wedding Details:
• Engagement Photos: Geovanny
• Officiant: Wayne Brady
• Wedding Theme: “Couture Carnival”
• Location: Huntington Beach, CA
• Photo/Video: Nate Dumlao and Ryan Fleming


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