Are Broach bouquets “in”?

August 23, 2018

Dear PB Pro,
Are broach bouquets “in”? They look so pretty depending where you find them. Only thing is, they are expensive.
– Looking for a Bouquet


Dear Looking for a Bouquet,

Broach wedding bouquets are not that common so they’re always in and make a statement. If you have access to “lots” of broaches that have a sentimental value (a close family member’s collection), then it’s a nice option. There are many online choices as well and some are cost effective and beautiful. A keepsake to always cherish.

Another alternative is to incorporate some broaches into your floral bouquet. Your wedding florist can work with you. You can include just a few key pieces or a lot. We love cascading pearls or other such enhancements – especially if they’re from someone close to you or someone who is no longer with us. If you love the concept, you could also purchase broaches as your bridesmaids gifts, including them in their flower bouquets as well.

— The PB Pro

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