Petals for Patients: A Second Act for Your Floral Arrangements

November 2, 2018

We have all come to the close of a well decorated wedding and wondered what would happen the next day to all of those stunning floral arrangements. Where do they wind up once the dance floor has cleared and the lights have come up? While the bridal bouquet will often be preserved, many of your centerpieces and archway will have served their purpose, and will soon be put to pasture, or more likely to a dumpster. How sad that something so essential to a wedding’s design can be enjoyed for just one brief, albeit spectacular day.

Enter the great people at Petals for Patients. This organization gives your floral décor new life, filling the rooms of the sick and terminally ill from Milwaukee to Chicago with personally crafted bouquets. Your gently used, although well loved arrangements will continue their work of being beautiful by brightening the bedside of a deserving patient. Nothing goes wasted when flowers that made you gasp in awe upon first laying eyes on them, will soon give that same awe to someone who is ailing, and their family. “I love meeting the brides and grooms who are so excited and happy that their gorgeous (and typically very expensive!) reception flowers are going to be repurposed and given to those who are suffering and broken-hearted,” said Wendy Hopfensperger, founder of Petals for Patients.  “The recipients are usually in disbelief that a bride and groom would do something so generous, and that they’d actually go through the effort to make certain their flowers were delivered to them. The reaction we tend to experience from patients and their family members is shock, silence and tears, but most common of all is a heart of gratitude.”

What’s better is the ease of working with Petals for Patients. You certainly aren’t expected to hand deliver the pieces from the trunk of your limousine. Instead immediately upon the departure of your guests, the team at Petals for Patients arrives to dismantle any large arrangements, and collect any blooms you don’t wish to enjoy or repurpose for yourself. The flowers and plants are then stored overnight before being restyled into their next life as comfort bouquets. With your florist’s approval, Petals for Patients will utilize any rented vases and return them to their rightful owner the following week. “Local wedding florists are our biggest supporters and advocates,” explains Wendy. “They inform their customers that donating their flowers after the reception is in fact an option, and advise them to reach out to us. We are so appreciative of our partnerships, and thankful that they’ve helped turn our our once small dream into a reality!”

Additionally you, the generous donor, will be provided a tax deductible receipt for the associated service fee. The décor used by corporate galas, fundraisers, and memorial services have all been great contributors to this effort, as have many a bride and groom. Perhaps this cause is a great fit for you, too.

Petals for Patients welcomes your call for a quote, or contact Petals for Patients for an online inquiry.

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