5, 6, 7, 8! Dance Lessons by the Numbers

December 31, 2018

So you think you can dance. Well, you’re right. Everyone can dance, some better than others. But can you dance the way you want to, the way you have envisioned on your wedding night, with a lot of people watching you? Maybe (probably) not.

Here are some stats to think about when planning ahead for that special first spin around the floor with your spanking new spouse:

  • 99.9%: The percentage of engaged couples who will schedule a First Dance at their reception.
  • 25%: The percentage of newlyweds who will dance well during said First Dance, without prior planning or training.
  • 2: The number of left feet many brides and grooms are born with. This can be overcome, don’t despair!
  • 10: The suggested starting number of lessons by the pros at Social Style Dance, enough to feel comfortable with your choreographed steps, spins, dips, and if you so desire, hand jives.
  • 10: The number of dance lessons that can also be considered romantic date nights. The eye contact. The close physical touch. The sweat. The gyrating. You don’t get any of that at mini-golf, I can assure you. In fact it’s likely illegal. 10 lessons will go a long way, but if you have time for 25, even better. More lessons equal more confidence on the big night, and more moves to showcase to your guests.
  • 6-12: The optimal number of months before the date of your wedding that dance lessons should commence, as recommended by Fred Astaire Studios. The time in between is for practice, practice, practice, and life’s many other commitments. Presumably you will have more on your plate than just sashays in the months ahead.
  • 3: The absolute minimum number of months required to learn and practice your First Dance so that you look and feel like naturals the night of your reception. More months are better, but if you’re down to the wire, three will do.
  • $0: The cost for an initial consult and lesson with Social Style Dance. With their expertise you can determine the music, theme, and skill level that appeals to you. Choose from a traditional waltz, something funky and modern, perhaps a routine with some cultural significance to you. Dream it up and Social Style Dance will help you get there.
  • Thousands: The number of ooh, ahs, and awws your First Dance will receive with just a few months’ investment.

The jazz-handers at Fred Astaire Studios suggest bringing in your ideal music to your first lesson to help with brainstorming a style. Additionally, having an idea of what both of you will be wearing will eliminate any hindrances while on the floor, and again, will help your instructor formulate something specific to you. Certainly a groom in tuxedo tails or a bride swishing around in layers of tulle will want the dance to fit the look. Break dancing, for instance, would be off the table with this prior information.

Take these lessons as an investment toward the future. This will not be the last event you attend, and ideally, not the last time you and your new partner in life dance together. Obtaining skills like these will serve you on dance floors down the road, are an opportunity to learn something together, and are a great metaphor for marriage. You start out having no idea what you’re doing, but wind up on the same beat, flowing through life in sync, and showing the onlookers what you can accomplish as a team.

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