5 Trends to Explore in Wedding Signage

May 23, 2019

Welcoming your guests to the reception, identifying the gift and card table, and introducing your bar menu needn’t be about as exciting as a PowerPoint presentation. Providing information via wedding signage can entice and excite, and using unexpected materials sets your tone and allows for personality to shine through.


Quite literally your personality can shine through using reclaimed windows, empty picture frames, or even mirrored glass. A vintage or more rustic presentation can be met by customizing the edging with paint or faux aging, or by adjusting the transparency of the glass itself using frosted spray and decals.


Allow your wording to float in mid-air using the clean and very chic option of unframed acrylic. Position your signs in front of showy scenery such as Mother Nature herself or dramatic lighting for an immersive, ethereal effect.


Whether jotted by the bride herself or beautifully crafted by an area artist, chalk art is warm, nostalgic, and hip. Clever wording and colorful flourishes allow for a boutique feel and cute customization.


Consider semi-sheer cotton sheeting or even silk for a dreamy touch. Paired with calligraphy, the look brings romance to even a “Restrooms This Way” sign. Fabric is on trend this summer and you cannot deny its elegance.


Harken cozy cordiality using rich stained wood planks to welcome and inform your guests. Paint is a popular choice, but consider a wood burner for an elegant look that doubles as beautiful home décor and a sweet memento once all is said and done.


Fancy fonts and beautiful stationery combined with your personalized theme and style. These printed options, framed and displayed, are cost effective and look lovely. Plus, they can be redisplayed as a wedding momento in years to come.

If you’re looking for custom designs to create your perfect wedding day signage, visit these local vendors!