Ask the Right Questions: Booking Transportation

June 7, 2019

Unless your plan is to marry in your living room, you are going to need some way to get around. This is a big job for the right driver since you and your loved ones will need a ride to the ceremony site, from the ceremony site to the reception, quite possibly to whichever offsite location you might be taking photographs, and finally to your honeymoon suite for some marital co-sleeping. Be it limousine, party bus, vintage car, or horse driven sleigh, the challenges of selecting the right provider can be simplified by asking some key questions. Vroom on below to your helpful guide on wedding transportation.

What selection of vehicles is offered? Can I be guaranteed my preference is available the day of?

It might also be beneficial to ask which of the fleet are the most popular, and which are the most practical given your party size, the size of your dress, and your cargo (luggage, beer, etc.)

Do you offer any package pricing?

You might need multiple vehicles if your fiancé’s party plans to travel separately, and if you opt to provide transportation for family. Perhaps you can score a bulk discount on multiple vehicles, or by combining your bachelor and bachelorette party transport contract with your wedding day.

Will we be paying you by the hour, by the mile, or is there a flat rate for the entire day?

The layout of your day should dictate which of these is best for you. For instance, short distances over a long day might be better suited for a mileage based fee. A brief need for a driver from the wedding site to the reception would find an hourly rate more advantageous.

On a related note, is there a minimum number of hours required for booking?

Are there overage fees should we exceed the booked window of time? Surprise hidden charges will just about kill the vibe when you’re in honeymoon mode, so it’s best to be on the same page with your potential service from the start.

How will your driver be dressed? Can we request a particular suit or style?

Themed wedding may like to incorporate a specific get-up, or perhaps you prefer a tuxedo over suit for a more black tie affair.

While we’re talking aesthetics, are you okay with us decorating?

Streamers, signage, window paint, and strings of aluminum cans all seem harmless, but some transport companies prefer you refrain. It’s best to know this in advance rather than toss that carefully crafted “Just Married” sign in a dumpster last minute.

Give me the basics: how far in advance should I book? What is your cancellation policy?

And what sort of deposit do you want from me? Prepare in advance for any potential whoopsies, and this includes any unexpected changes of plans and scheduling confusion.

To see a full list of transportation questions, download the guide below:

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