Throw the Bouq’ At ‘Em! 7 Striking Floral Trends

July 22, 2019

Their delicate, charming beauty. The powerful yet temporary joy of their presence. The waft of sweet fragrance whenever you’re in their midst. No, we’re not describing your dancing shoes at the end of your wedding. Your floral arrangements can help set the mood and add definition to your day. Whether you’re a classically elegant or beachy boho babe, consider working some of these floral trends into your big day.

citrus bouquet, pine cones, grapefruit, pomegranet

A Squeeze of Citrus

The Amalfi coast is calling, it wants your wedding back. Vases of whole or sliced lemons and oranges, bouquets adorned with stemmed kumquats, and lime rind spirals all add cheer and a spritz of Mediterranean cool. Think Sophia Loren in a convertible. Audrey Hepburn in a gondola. This is the vibe you’re getting with summery fruits as your accent.

Black bouquet, contrast of colors, burgandy floral bouquet

Knock-Out Contrasts

Black Canna, Black Cat Petunia, or Cantor Black Calla Lily set against a backdrop of pale greens create a romantic look reminiscent of the renaissance era. Soften it up slightly with rich burgundies, as in Velvet Wine Dahlias or Black Beauty Peonies. A little goes a long way with a heavier emphasis on foliage, particularly next to a wedding dress. Talk about a va-va-bloom.

neutral colors in a bouquet of white and pink blossoms

Au Naturel Drapery

Walls of pale pink or white blooms suspended from ceilings and archways make for a dreamy floral wonderland. The same can be done with English Ivy or Spanish Moss for a Secret Garden sort of feel, and imagine the atmospheric cocoon of a dance floor bordered on all sides by curtains of flowers. I want to go to there.

greenery bouquet, ferns, lavish green bouquet

Go Green

Literally. Harken wood nymphs and tree fairies with inspiration taken from the forest floor. Fern sprigs perform as both bouquet and centerpiece filler. Potted spiral conifers, boxwoods, and fountain grasses can accent corners. And tree branches and mossy tree stumps take an indoor wedding into the outdoors, and an outdoor wedding into the land before time.

bouquet using herbs and greenery

A Dash of Herbs

No we’re not whipping up a pizza, we’re warming up your arrangements. Sprigs of rosemary, thyme flower, lavender, and ornamental onion plants all double as a fun surprise to any display, with contrasting textures and familiar scents that will take you back to your wedding day when coming upon them well into your golden years together.

local flower truck, farmers market flowers

Think Local, Act Floral

Refrigerated trucks can keep your dream flowers fresh from the heart of Juarez all the way up to our Midwestern tundra. But eco-minded couples are keeping area greenhouses in business and a few gas guzzlers off the road by selecting flowers from neighboring nurseries. Take the sustainability a step further and consider season specific plants, and those blooming beauties native to our area.

bride holds petite bouquet walking down stairs with groom

Petite with a Punch

Royal fever is a thing as always, and a recent spate of British weddings are inspiring brides here, too. Meghan Markle carried a compact collection of small white flowers, mirroring Duchess Kate’s monochromatic and subtle handful of Lilies of the Valley. Mimic this regal style, or allow one large bloom, with a few accenting tufts of green, to do the talking. A smaller bouquet lends more attention to the stunning dress, and more importantly to the bride’s smile.