Preparing For Your Engagement Photos

Preparing For Your Engagement Photos

February 3, 2020

Recently engaged and starting to think about your engagement photos?

Check out these tips to help you get ready for your close up!


Consult Your Budget

Before you start planning ideas for your engagement photos, you’ll need to know how much money you have to spend on your photographer and your session. This way when you start looking at different packages or booking how long of a session you’d like, you’ll already know what you can afford. You may want to check how much engagement sessions typically cost in case you need to save up for what you’d like.



Once you know how much money you’re working with, you can start researching photographers that fit within your budget and how much time you can afford to spend with them for a photo session. You’ll probably also want to look into the various packages they have available. Do you want digital access to download the entire session? Will you want prints? Find someone who has options that are suitable to your wants and needs. You may also need to find backup choices in case the first choice photographer does not have any available time slots that work for you and your partner.


Knowing the time of day or time of year will help you decide what you’ll want to wear. Some couples brave the elements for a great photo op while others would rather be prepared for inclement weather. Either way, buying new outfits for the session is just another expense to plan for when you’re making your budget. Instead of spending an excessive amount of money for a new outfit, save your money for time with the photographer or for upgrading to a bigger package and shop secondhand. Whether you’re going for a casual look or something more formal, try to shop on an online thrift store where you can still find your favorite brands for less. This way, you can still get the engagement look you were envisioning without having to take money away from the session’s budget!


Your outfit and location play a big role in the aesthetics of your photos. Once you know what you’ll be comfortable wearing for the shoot, think of locations that either help tell your love story or compliment the outfits you’ll be wearing. If you’ve chosen lighter colors to wear, find places where the background will contrast your clothes and not blend in. Take some time to factor in tips for choosing an engagement space if you’re unsure of the different factors that you’ll need to consider.

Time and Date

Now that you’ve found a photographer that fits your budget, you’ll need to work out when you want to take the photos. Maybe you’ve got a semi-flexible session where they’ll contact you if a specific day has particularly great lighting. You and the photographer will need to find a date that works for your vision if you want a certain seasonal look, along with what time of day you’re aiming for. Some people want the early morning sunrise lighting while some prefer the twilight of a sunset. Your photographer should be able to recommend the best time of day for your photo session given your geographic location. However, if your photos are indoors then you will just be looking for a photographer’s open time slots.

Pick Your Poses

A great way to be sure you get the most out of your time with you photographer is to come prepared with the poses you know you’d like to try to get during the shoot. There are some classic poses you’ve likely seen in social media posts or on invitations that maybe you’d like to replicate in your session. Take screenshots or pictures on your phone when you notice poses you like so you can show your partner and the photographer when it comes time for your photographs. If you’re unsure of what poses you’d like to do, take inspiration from poses other couples have used.

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