wedding backdrop and table setting with floral accents and candles

Now Trending! 5 Hot Milwaukee Wedding Vibes for 2020

February 24, 2020

2020 couples will be inviting their guests to an experience, much more than a wedding. Put your personal fingerprint on your big day and tune into what’s new with the following moods:

The More-is-More Bride

If you’re the sort that wants to stand out, 2020 is the year to get married. Brides today are only just so sentimental for tradition, opening the door for boldly colored gowns, large patterns and florals, even donning bespoke jumpsuits instead. Dynamic brides are embracing memorable designs with billowing sleeves, broad shoulders and beaded epaulets, very high or very low necklines, and skirts trimmed in velvet, lace, and ribbons. Veils and helmet hair are taking a backseat to hair combs inserted into unfussy, soft waves. Distinguish the “I-Do” you from the “I-Do-Party” you with a separate reception dress or jumpsuit, and let your bridesmaids shine with contrasting but coordinating frocks in Pantone’s 2020 designee of Classic Blue, and recent picks Living Coral and Greenery hues.

Do it for the ‘Gram

Remember that wedding where you posed for zero pictures? Yeah, me neither. Today’s couples are creating photogenic enclaves of flattering mood lighting, with unique backdrops and signature décor related to their hobbies and interests. Neon lighting, romantic velvet drapery, and stunning landscapes make a great social media post. Off-beat florals like wildflowers, herb sprigs, whole fruits, wisteria, and cattails will make an impression, and the days of matchy-matchy table linens give way to vintage, Mediterranean terrace style table schemes with layers of differing textures, yellow gold and a glittering warm glow.

A Crafted and Curated Feast

2020 will be all about the stand-out reception, with a fun blend of whimsy and a more refined palate. Introducing the “cheese hour.” Charcuterie and cheese boards will be regular fixtures during cocktail hour, late night nibbles, or on the table as both décor and amuse bouche. A broad assortment of tapas, gastronomy, farm-to-table and in-season eats will be popular menu themes. Gin is the liquor du jour, with Aperol, aperitifs, and champagne stations growing in popularity. And bring your guests into the production with interactive dining, via communal seating in unpredictable table patterns, dessert towers, DIY wine and beer taps, and sangria or Old Fashioned bars with an array of fruits and mixers with which to experiment.

Think Outside the Box-Step

A dance floor will never go out of style, but couples in 2020 are open to possibilities beyond the cutting of the rug. Hired entertainment like acrobats, magicians, tarot readers, and flair bartenders add to the experience. Design a swanky speakeasy vibe, complete with cigar bar, live jazz band, and a billiards zone. For favors, pop inside your Thank You notes a professional snap of your guest as taken by your reception photographer, or a caricature drawn by your hired sketch artist. Individuality and a high-brow atmosphere are themes to craft around.