Everyone Has a Story for Video

Your Moving Memories

Kristy Montgomery, Premier Bride Fresno

March 7, 2020

Videography captures the drama and motion of your wedding, allowing you and your loved ones the chance to relive your happiest moments forever.

Utilize a Professional

Like your wedding photographs, you’ll most likely want to place this treasured keepsake in the hands of a professional. As capable as a favored aunt, uncle or other family member may be, a professional videographer will have the time, equipment and experience necessary to deliver a sensational product.

Begin the search for a videographer four to six months before your wedding date and up to a year in advance if the wedding is in one of the peak months. Bridal shows can be a great place to begin your search. Participating videographers will be there in person to chat with you and you’ll usually be able to get a glimpse of their style.

Using Drones for a Bird’s Eye View

Drones are a great addition that some videographers are making use of. An overhead viewpoint of your special event can lend a whole new perspective. It’s also great to ask about the number of shooters they’ll have the day of. If more than one camera is being used, that just adds an extra point of view.

Create an Audio-Visual Collage to Play for Your Guests

In addition to videoing the wedding and reception, consider having your videographer create an audio-visual collage to be played at the rehearsal dinner or reception. You may choose to share the story of your romance by selecting photographs of you and your fiancé when you first met, as you fell in love, and as you planned the wedding. Some videographers will also do fun interviews with your bridal party before the big day to be played at the rehearsal dinner or reception.

Having your wedding on video affords you the opportunity to relive the most precious moments of your wedding day again and again. Although it may be hard to imagine now, one day you’ll want to share these treasured memories with your children and grandchildren. What better way than with sight and sound?

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