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How to Plan Your Lake Geneva Dream Wedding

March 30, 2020

When selecting where to stage the first day of the rest of your life, one simply cannot beat the magic of beautiful landscape and a vibrant downtown scene. Lake Geneva and its neighboring villages offer all of this and then some, providing a one-stop-shop for wedding parties throughout the weekend. Situated in a relaxed enclave southwest of Milwaukee, the community surrounding 26 miles of stunning shoreline boasts countless shops to prep and primp, dine and dance, as well as top notch venues in which to marry and celebrate. 

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A Little Background

Midwestern glitterati have escaped to Lake Geneva for generations, its history including Hugh Hefner’s early party days, and stories of mid century mobster intrigue. Today the area thrives as a weekender’s paradise that, despite being a quick drive from just about any regional city, feels like a world away from the hustle and bustle of everyday responsibility. Full service resorts, beaches, and sailboat harbors dot the coastline, situated just steps from restaurants, leisure, and shopping. It’s no wonder brides and grooms select this unique spot in southeast Wisconsin to make official their union and entertain their guests.

Bride and Groom on a pier in Lake Geneva
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Where the Who’s Who Say I Do

Selecting a venue is the first step in creating your day, and there is no shortage of options. Lakefront gems like Lake Lawn Resort and neighboring Lake Como’s The Ridge provide unparalleled natural beauty as a complimentary backdrop. Geneva National, Hawk’s View, and Grand Geneva each provide rolling greens and world class golf, as well as a full suite of salon and spa services. Just a short drive out sits Veteran’s Terrace at Echo Park, which offers elegant architecture and lush outdoor garden space, and Farmstead for a charming, barn style wedding with undulating vistas for perfect golden hour photos. Whether it be a quaint and cozy Bed and Breakfast or the large scale glamour of a resort, Lake Geneva’s vast range of options allow for any style or size to suit you.

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The Meet and Greet

The key of course is visiting in person and meeting with any coordinators onsite who can answer your questions and highlight the features offered. By walking the grounds, experiencing the setting first hand, and seeing how previous weddings had been executed, you will know pretty quickly if your potential venue feels just right to you. Discussing your vision with the staff will make clear their capabilities to meet your needs, and whether they have any partnerships with vendors to streamline your planning process. Additionally this is a great opportunity to feel out the personnel to be sure you will feel like a priority the days leading up to and on your wedding day, and that the chemistry is right to craft a day tailored to your personality.

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Details, Details…

With a ceremony and reception site decided upon, it’s time to build around what is set so far. Knowing the location narrows down your options for transportation and entertainment services, beauty professionals, guest accommodations and activities, catering, and rehearsal dinner spaces. No one will be a better resource than the locals, starting with your event staff. Discover their list of preferred partners and why they have chosen to work with them, and browse our listings for a comprehensive collection of region specific vendors. Fortunately Lake Geneva is abuzz with performers of every stripe who service downtown nightlife and events year round. Restaurants ranging from approachable fare, to fine dining, to experimental gastronomy are yours for the choosing, as large rehearsal party capacity is often located onsite most vacation resorts, as well as just down the road. 

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A Mini-Vacay for Your Big Day

If scenery and ease of planning aren’t enough of a draw, Lake Geneva’s added bonus is the ability to provide a destination wedding experience without the commitment and hassle of distant travel. Overnight, or ideally weekend lodgings for your guests, range from a relaxing resort stay with golf and spa indulgence, to family friendly waterpark condos. Enjoy voyages on any of Lake Geneva’s history tours or dinner cruises, and traverse downtown via horse drawn carriage. Arrange for a night at the comedy show or nightclub, a day on the water on a rented pontoon, or a morning-after brunch downtown. Horseback rides, jet skiing, and zip lining give guests a family getaway in addition to your wedding. Book a group excursion as a thank you or bonding experience for your wedding party, or stay a few extra days to enjoy the area with your new spouse to wind down from the big day.

In short, your dream wedding can be achieved using the age old adage of “Location, location, location.” Inviting your guests to enjoy the splendor and sunshine of Lake Geneva is a surefire foundation to build from, and a memorable retreat to begin your life as a married couple.

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