Tasty Wedding Cakes and Sweets Experts in Milwaukee and Waukesha

April 30, 2020

Although we’re all bummed that it’s now going to be a little longer of being stuck at home, we’re not slowing down over here. Check out some of your local cakes and sweets establishments in the Milwaukee and South-East Wisconsin area. We can’t say enough great things about them, and if your sweet tooth needs a fix, they’re all still open for curb-side pickup!


Sweet Perfections Bake Shoppe

Meet Ken & Peggy!!

What made you want to start your own bakery?

Both Peggy and I grew up with fresh homemade desserts at just about every meal. From our grandmothers to our mothers, they were home bakers for the family. Fresh bread, rolls, coffee cakes, cookies, bars, pies, cakes, etc.. After many years in the food service industry working for small businesses and larger commissary type shops we felt we had something special to offer. First, the passion of what we were brought up on, then excellent customer service as we truly believe in what we do rounded off with European Style products creating an old world atmosphere experience.

What do you love about creating wedding cakes and sweets?

Love taking customer inspirations and turning them into one of a kind works of edible art that in turn create fresh traditions and lifetime memories.

What has been a favorite cake you’ve created in the past?

I was asked to create ‘The Queen of England’s’ wedding cake for a very special wedding here in Milwaukee. The event was only for about 140 guests but the actual cake would have served about 1200 guests. So I went to work creating a mini version of the England masterpiece. In the end it still would serve about 260 guests. The bride was to say ‘over the moon’ with excitement that it could be done without losing much of the majestic decor from the original and that it was being created just for them. I advised the bride that if we were to go forward with this version that she would need to reach out to a few accepting causes that could benefit from all the additional servings that would be left over as she did not want them herself. It was one of the most heart warming events to be part of knowing that in the end nothing was going to waste and the bride’s vision of a European masterpiece was created by Sweet Perfections.

What is a tip you have for couples who are starting the process of planning the cakes and sweets for their wedding?

Due to popular demand and a very high client referral rate, our booking trend has been 12-18 months in advance when possible. We recommend that once you have secured your date and reception site, that you then secure your cake or sweets table. If you are seeking services less than 12 months out, certainly inquire for availability as we will be happy to check the calendar in a most sincere effort to make your dream wedding cake/sweets table a true reality.

What are some new trends for 2020 or ones you see coming for 2021?

The sweets tables are still a huge trend allowing couples to provide a wide variety of products to their guests when a slice of wedding cake to all is not their vision. Metallics are also hot. For 2021 I am seeing more requests for traditional wedding cakes again, yahoo!

Do you see couples still saving the tops of their wedding cakes for their first anniversary?

The decades tradition of saving the top tier of your wedding cake for a year frozen has definitely lost wind. We encourage a fresh cake and many times it is complimentary with their contract. Any other fun traditions a couple can incorporate into their cake? A cool tradition that we have been suggesting for a couple of years is that when invitations go out with dinner selections, why not offer dessert selections as well. Your guests are now empowered with a new additional decision that is generally made for them. The feedback that we have received from clients and guests alike have been absolutely amazing. Guests are so excited to choose their dessert option and then can’t stop thinking about it until it arrives in front of them.

What are your thoughts on grooms cakes?

Groom’s cakes are a great way to express who the groom is and what he is into. These cakes can be used for the dessert at the rehearsal dinner, on a stand alone table at the actual wedding or as dessert at the ‘after wedding/gift opening’ party.

And we’ve always go to know….what is your favorite flavor of cake?

Our Signature Cheez Torte, for sure. Best selling cake 18 years running!

Simma’s Bakery

In 1979 a young immigrant woman, Simma from Russia, opened the doors to a small bakery with the intentions of distributing the love and spirit of her family tradition through fine cheesecakes and pastries that would be unmatched anywhere in both taste and quality.

Many  years since her passing, Simma’s legacy is still alive and flourishing. Today, the bakery is operated by the Carollo Family, and an astonishing family of 35 employees who continue a tradition richly rooted in family values. They constantly strive to provide the quality and truly superior products that Simma’s has become nationally known for. This relentless pursuit of quality and a passion to be the best.

Let us make the wedding cake of your dreams! We will work with you to design the perfect wedding cake. We welcome suggestions and encourage you to bring pictures and ideas of your own.

Any tiered cake that feeds 100 people or more includes a complimentary Anniversary cake. This will be the top tier of your cake.

Allô! Chocolat

What made you want to start your own sweets shop?

My husband and I wanted to do something fun and different! We have always loved chocolate, and thought this could really be a fun venture!

What do you love about creating all the different candies and chocolates?

It is interesting to try different flavors and items, especially when our customers love what we create! Working with chocolate is a lot of fun!

What has been a favorite candy you’ve created in the past for a wedding?

We have created custom artisan truffles in the bride and groom’s wedding colors. We also created chocolate dipped oreo bobbers for a fishing themed wedding, which was a huge hit!

What is a tip you have for couples who are starting the process of planning the favors portion of their wedding?

Keep it simple, and plan ahead.

Any fun trends you see coming for 2020/2021 to incorporate sweets into a couples wedding?

Cupcakes and Cake pops can be amazing and delicious! ·

Anything unique you’ve seen a couple do with their chocolates or candies that you think would be a great thing to spread for others couples to do as well?

We have seen mounds of donuts at a wedding.

And we’ve always got to know….what is your favorite chocolate/sweet?

Something as simple as our milk chocolate pecan tortues (turtles), or our cake pops are decadent and one of my favorites!