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June 11, 2020

Interested in a Boudoir session?  Curious about how they work?

We recently went “Behind the Lens” with  

SB Photography and Design

and asked some of your burning questions! 



Meet one half of the owners of SB Photography & Design
– Sheryl –


How did you know you wanted to be a photographer? How did you go about starting out?

I took a class in digital photography in college and instantly I was hooked! The idea of preserving a memory not just for a lifetime but forever is such an incredible thought; it’s almost like a magical power that we as creative artists possess. I took a risk, quit my job, and the rest is history!


How long have you been in the business?

Almost a decade, it’s truly amazing that I’m able to say this! 😊

What are the qualities that make a successful boudoir photographer?

The ability to make those around you comfortable is super important so an outgoing, fun, and positive personality is a must. Additionally, it’s all in the angles. Photographing our gorgeous ladies in the best light with the most perfect angles, has them “oohing” and “ahhing” as we share images with them during their session!

Why do you love photographing boudoir sessions?

So many of our lovely women show up nervous but each and every one of them have strutted out our door feeling empowered, confident, and super sexy! Helping women to realize how beautiful they truly are is what made me fall in love with these types of sessions. We can all use and absolutely deserve a self-esteem boost, this experience does just that!

How has your photography (style) changed since you started?

We’ve gotten better with experience which allows our clients to have the best possible session as we do a wonderful job making them feel at ease which is SO important during this type of session as their comfort level absolutely shines through in the images we capture!


When choosing their boudoir photographer, what should you look for?

Just make sure you’ve seen a lot of examples of their work! Our images are perfect for envisioning your session with us. Take a peek at them here –

Is there anything you wish clients would ask?

So many clients are nervous and don’t feel comfortable asking certain questions so we’ve compiled a tips page that should cover it all –

Is there anything else you think would be helpful to share with someone who is looking to have a boudoir session?

Nope, we feel our boudoir page says it all! Enjoy it at the following link –

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