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Trend Watch: Ringing in the New Year

February 24, 2021

We are literally ringing in the new year with some great jewelry ideas for your bridesmaids (and you!) plus some great ideas to get the year going in style.

Walnut Desktop Photo Calendar

2021 Personalized Calendars

We can all agree – 2020 has been a tough year!  Planning a wedding has been tough since so many are having to postpone or downsize their wedding celebrations due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But, on the bright side, it makes us more keenly aware of what is important and to be thankful for what we can do.  And it doesn’t diminish the love each couple has by any means.

So, in that same regard, why not extend the celebration of your union by incorporating the life the two of you are building together by featuring some images on a calendar you (and your loved ones) can view throughout the year?  Here are a few examples of personalized calendars from Artifact Uprising and Papier:


Bring a bit of the outside in!

Hawai’i-based jewelry company Fleurings is proud to announce that their line of necklaces and earrings designed to hold and keep flowers fresh is a prime gift for birthdays, Mother’s Day and bridal parties. Fleurings bestows elegant wearable vessels of stainless steel, gold, pink-gold and other materials that beg to be adorned with orchids, wildflowers, daisies, spray roses, jasmine, herbs like lavender and other stunning blossoms.

Blush Mark Robe

Great for Your Bridesmaids

We’re seeing a lot of weddings with coordinated robes for all the girls the morning of the wedding. Great for getting ready and they’re practical too!  Plus, it will create a lasting memory of your wedding day every time she puts it on. You can find these great robes at Blush Mark.

Eros Jewelry Collection by Ripka

New Jewelry Collection Launch from Judith Ripka

The Eros Collection celebrates love in all its forms. Inspired by the romantic in all of us, the collection gets to the heart of the matter with sculptural statements in gold and sterling silver. Tell your personal story with designs that layer and stack to make them your own.