Spring Formalwear: The Floral Tie

Spring Formalwear: The Floral Tie

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April 7, 2021

Celebrating your day in the spring or summer months? Spruce up your outfit with this increasingly popular trend: the floral necktie. This look has been gaining speed in the last couple of years, and it’s perfect for outdoor weddings, garden ceremonies and more.

Find your Flowers

A number of online companies are jumping on this trend and creating stunning ties and bowties in a variety of flower prints. Here are a few brands to check out for your floral neckwear.

Knotty Tie Co – Wish the colors matched your wedding palette? They offer customizable designs.

Art of the Gentleman – They offer a variety of large and small print floral patterns.

The Tie Bar – Feeling stuck? Get tips from their expert stylists.

Let the Flowers Take the Stage

Once you’ve found your floral accessory, you may be wondering what to wear with it. Here are some style suggestions to get you started.

• Solid colors
• Neutrals
• Subtle patterns

If you’re going for solid colors, make it easier on yourself and pick a hue from the floral pattern. Choose a shirt in that color or a matching pastel.

Neutrals are also a perfect way to compliment your floral accent. Many floral ties and bowties look great alongside a variety of neutrals. Pick from white, cream, gray, black, beige, tan and more.

Or complete your look with a muted pattern. But additional patterns should be subtle and still let your floral print neckwear be the star of your outfit.

Less is More

Here are some tips of what to avoid when styling your floral neckwear.

• Tweed
• Paisleys
• Additional floral prints
• Other bold patterns

Since your floral tie already features a pattern with two or more colors of its own, stay away from shirts or suit jackets with multiple colors and textures. Tweed, paisleys, additional flower prints and other busy patterns will compete with your floral neckwear. Keep it simple and let your tie take center stage.

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