PB Rewards Winner- Model for a day!

June 22, 2021

A first hand account of what is like to win the PB Rewards- Model for a Day prize!

Written by Keri Thorson

For many young girls, it is their dream to be a princess – to wear beautiful gowns while getting all dolled up. I can say that this happened when I was chosen as the winner for Premier Bride’s Model for a Day. Who knew that this 3rd grade teacher by day could be a model in her spare time… or at least for a moment.

When I found out that I had won the event, I was sitting in the living room with my fiance, Bobby, listening to Premier’s facebook live post. We didn’t really know what to expect from the event or which prize I would be selected for. Once we found out, I was floored! Could all those years of watching America’s Next Top Model come into play? I really hoped so!

Shortly after finding out that I had won the photoshoot, I was contacted by Deb from Premier Bride. We communicated back and forth for the next few weeks about the vision that Premier Bride had for the photoshoot, and I couldn’t wait! From the warm autumn tones of the color scheme, luscious bouquets full of texture, to the colorful peach streamers mixed in with the chandeliers, and delicate designs of the tablescapes – this photoshoot was going to be a dream, and I wanted to live in every moment of it!

The next few weeks seemed to speed by, and it was finally the day of the photoshoot. I had never been to The Factory on Barclay before, so I had no idea what to expect for the interior. When I approached the side doors of the Factory on Barclay, I was greeted by one of the florists of Belle Flori. I followed her into the reception space and my eyes lit up. Everything that was on display exceeded what I had envisioned.

Amidst the industrial setting of the Factory, chandeliers were adorned with shades of peach, coral, and yellow ribbon cascading towards the tables. The tables were draped with mustard color table cloths, which were decorated with a variety of floral arrangements tying in an element of surprise – citrus slices were scattered throughout the centerpieces.

After taking in the sights of the photoshoot, Deb officially introduced herself and we took a brief tour of the different areas that would be photographed before reaching the bridal suite. I was introduced to both models, as well as the stylist and hair/makeup artists. Everyone was very welcoming and made me feel like I had done this before. I was shown the different gowns that I would be modeling as a bridesmaid, as well as a very whimsical bridal gown. I knew that I was modeling a few bridesmaid dresses, but I did not expect to wear a wedding dress. Even though I already had picked out my dream wedding dress, I wasn’t going to turn down the opportunity to wear a beautiful wedding dress and be photographed in it!

Once I was able to look at the different dresses that would be modeled by both me and the bride, it was time to go into hair and makeup. Prior to sitting down with the hairstylist, I was able to see the beautiful work that the makeup artist had done, and the bride looked stunning! I knew I was in good hands with both artists. Some time passed and it was time to go into the first bridesmaid dress. Before changing into the dress, I just had to get a glimpse at what the artists had achieved. Upon looking in the mirror, I was stunned at the work that the two had done. I felt absolutely gorgeous, and could only imagine how the photos would turn out! The first dress I put on was a mauve colored, floor length dress with a v neckline.

The first setting for the photoshoot took place in the ceremony space. I was able to pose with the bride, as well as for some individual photos. The guidance I was given by the photographer, and videographer paired well with watching the poses that the model was giving. Although I had never had modeling experience before, it was fairly easy to catch on. After many laughs, beaming grins, and bouquet and dress swings, it was time to switch to the next location.

The second dress I put on was the whimsical wedding dress, detailed with off-the-shoulder lace straps, and floral appliques. The moment I put on the dress, it felt like it was made for me! Not only was it comfortable, but the cut and shade looked breathtaking! I did need some help carrying the dress as I walked down the stairs and to the reception area. Again, I was able to take some photos with the bride. Once we were done posing together, I was given the opportunity to do some shots with the tables in the reception area, as well as in front of the beautiful brick that surrounded the venue.

I was given the opportunity to choose between two dresses for the next location of the shoot. There was something about the forest green Bari Jay gown that just screamed “I have to wear it”. The moment I put the dress on, it too was another perfect choice. From the cut of the dress, to the ruffles and tone of the gown, this bridesmaid dress was stunning. I was able to select the jewelry that went with it, and chose a golden layered necklace with a variety of jewels hanging from it. We went through round 3 of posing in The Factory, before being asked to participate in a one-on-one shoot with Jean.

Since the venue was located at The Factory on Barclay, it is also the site of the Original Cheesehead Factory. What better way to embrace Wisconsin culture than to participate in an impromptu shoot by the vault where the original cheesehead hat resided, right? I was able to take ownership of the poses and had a blast in this area! We selected a few key areas to shoot, I was given a cheesehead to model for a few shots and posed with a few of the shop’s mannequins. Jean made me feel at ease with this opportunity, and I thoroughly enjoyed every moment here.

After our time in the Original Cheesehead Factory, I returned back to the Factory and continued with a few more poses before my time was up. It was wonderful to escape the world of teaching for a day and have the opportunity to not only be a part of such a whimsical photoshoot, but also see the behind-the-scenes. The photoshoot made such an impact on me, so much so that I ended up caving — I purchased the multi-jeweled necklace that I had worn with my forest green bridesmaid dress. I felt absolutely stunning during every moment of it, and I am so thankful that I was given this opportunity!

Model for a Day Keri Thorson
Photography for this post Premier Bride Staff
Venue: The Factory on Barclay
Coordinator: Evenement Planning
Photography for Stylized Shoot DeGroot Film Co.
Florist: Belle Fiori
Invitations/Signage/Acrylic Pieces: DCo Lovenotes
Catering: All Occasions Catering
Lighting/Love Letters/Etc.: Xcite Entertainment
Makeup/Hair: Wide Eyed Bride
Cake/Sweets: Sweet Perfections
Photo Booth: YellowBus PhotoBooth
Rentals: Well Dressed Tables
Stylist: Rosewood Weddings
Fine Jewelry: Craig Husar Fine Diamonds & Jewelry Designs
Jewelry: Tammy Spice Jewelry
Bridal Gowns & Bridesmaids Dresses: Miss Ruby – A Bridal Boutique
Menswear: Du Bois Formalwear

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