Trend Alert – Modern Floral Preservation

September 14, 2021

Trending majorly this year, is creating resin pieces for your home. From furniture to décor accents, there’s sure something to speak to you!

The Preserved Peony, located in Wisconsin, took things one step further and added a special meaning to all the pieces she creates. In comes the specialty of Modern Flower Preservation. Taking your stunning bridal bouquet and creating a memento and stunning work of art to hold onto forever.

We were lucky enough to sit down with Danielle, owner of The Preserved Peony, and get her expert insights on the rights and wrongs of ordering your pieces and what she all creates for before AND after the wedding!

Premier Bride: What is Modern Flower Preservation?

The Preserved Peony: Modern Flower Preservation involves encasing your dried flowers from special events in resin. Preserving your flowers this way ensures they will stay protected and looking amazing forever while also becoming a beautiful accent piece within your décor. Gone are the days of a dusty old bouquet that you can’t part with but have no idea what to do with it. That being said, we can work with flowers that are air dried as well! So if you have an old bouquet sitting around collecting dust, we can turn it into a beautiful keepsake as well!


Premier Bride: What products do you offer?

The Preserved Peony: Floral blocks ranging in sizes from 4×4 inches up to 12×12 inches, coasters, ring holders, paper weights, Christmas ornaments and pendants!

Premier Bride: How far in advance do you need to book?

The Preserved Peony: If you’re getting married in a popular month like May, June or October, the sooner the better. Some 2022 dates are already fully booked for a couple May and June weekends! Most people probably book out about 3-4 months in advance, but with the growing popularity of modern flower preservation, I’m now recommending booking as soon as you are done booking your florist!


Premier Bride: What does the process look like?

The Preserved Peony: We take your bouquet apart and dry your blooms in silica gel for a few weeks. Then once it’s dried we design it in the appropriate mold depending on what you’ve ordered. This is where the resin part begins. Each layer of resin is mixed and poured over your flowers until the mold is filled. This is a long and tedious process as pouring too thin of a layer will take forever as each layer needs to dry/cure before the next layer can be poured. Pouring too thick of a layer can cause a chemical reaction and burn your flowers. Resin can be tricky, which is why leaving it to the professionals is best when it comes to flowers that hold a special meaning to you. I personally worked on perfecting my resin process for an entire year before taking on my first client, and use some of the top resins on the market.

Premier Bride: Are you able to make things for the wedding day, not just saving flowers after?

The Preserved Peony: Absolutely! Favors for guests like place setting with their name on it, and table numbers are the two that come to mind. You could also get a ring holder made ahead of time with the same types of wedding flowers you are using, it makes the perfect wedding gift. (wink,wink)


Premier Bride: What is your favorite thing you make?

The Preserved Peony: Although I love ring holders because of their shape and the fact you don’t know what it’s going to look like until you pull it out of the mold, I have to say floral blocks. Taking apart a bouquet and redesigning it in a block is so rewarding. You’re recreating a moment in time to be cherished forever. Not to mention, the floral blocks hold the most flowers!! My most popular size is the 8×8. I always say, the more flowers the better!

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