4 Tips to Loving Your Caterer…and the Food They Create

Written By: Chef Michael Feker

February 14, 2022

Food plays an integral part in making memories and sharing love. We were lucky enough to get some of the best tips for picking your wedding food from Chef Michael Feker. You may know him as the owner of many delicious restaurants around town, Il Mito E Enoteca and Zesti!

Guests are attending your wedding to watch you marry the love of your life, but that doesn’t mean they’re not expecting a great meal, too. Gone are the days of standard wedding fare, with limited choice and bland offerings. The food you serve at your wedding should be just as special as your vows. And with so many new trends and exciting ingredients to choose from, you can put together a menu that will dazzle guests and make them feel special!

4 Tips to Loving Your Caterer- Pan seared muscovy duck with salted caramel sauce potato tart and sautéed spinach.

1. Put a personal spin on such a special day by allowing love to guide you when choosing a caterer.

Use the love you have for one another to guide you so that you choose a theme that you both love. By allowing love to guide you when choosing a caterer, you guarantee your food will be memorable and delicious because it comes from the heart.

New York Strip with Haystack Onion prepared by Chef Feker

2. You want to create memorable dishes that not only delight your taste buds but also enhance your wedding’s theme.

Food is a central theme of your wedding day. Your choice of caterer should be one that also has an engaging view of food, works with your wishes for a memorable and personal experience, and specializes in creating cuisine that fits the atmosphere and location you’ve chosen.

4 Tips to Loving Your Caterer- Plated Turkey Parmigiana

3. Pay homage to your relationship and choose a caterer who will expertly navigate the nuances of your wedding.

Catering is a major part of your wedding experience, and the caterer you choose to work with will have a big impact on how you and your guests experience the big day. It’s important to remember that catering is far more than just providing food; it’s providing an experience.

Chef Feker created Gluten free fettuccine carbonara

4. Passion for food and attention to detail are the guiding values in everything a caterer should do.

As caterers, we should make your wedding day one to remember by creating an experience of tastes, textures, scents, and sights that will keep your guests thinking about what they ate long after they’ve eaten. Ultimately, it is your wedding, and you should be proud of the menu you create for the celebration.

I hope that by reading this, you have gained some inspiration on how to choose the best caterer for your wedding. As with every wedding, there will be some hardships along the way as you plan and design. Keep in mind that communication is key when it comes to your wedding vendors; don’t shy away from asking questions. With these tips and tricks, we’re sure that you’ll be able to create a memorable affair for all those who attend, and most importantly, yourself!