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3 Unique (and COVID-Safe) Wedding Venues Your Guests Will Never Forget

May 25, 2022

You’ve dreamed of walking down the aisle since you were a little girl. Now that you’re engaged to the love of your life, you want to plan a wedding for the ages. What better way to leave your mark than to host your nuptials in a non-traditional venue? Consider one of these unique wedding locations for the perfect backdrop on your big day.

At Your Home (Or Someone Else’s)

A home wedding probably doesn’t seem like the most out-of-the-box idea. However, the pandemic led many couples to pivot to intimate home weddings, and you won’t believe what they came up with!

First off, a small wedding means more time to converse and celebrate with the most special people in your life—it doesn’t mean missing out on luxury! In fact, an intimate wedding with a small guest list gives you more opportunities to get creative. Do you want to hire a band to play a private set on a backyard stage, serve a locally-sourced farm-to-fork meal, or host an elegant garden wedding at an upscale Airbnb? With the money saved on venue fees, you can make your most luxurious dreams a reality.

Of course, transforming a house into a wedding venue comes with plenty of work of its own. Most things you can rent but you may need updates to landscaping, outdoor lighting, and patios and decks in preparation for an outdoor wedding or touch-ups to your home’s interior for a picture-perfect indoor ceremony. Whatever improvements you make, tuck the receipts into your wedding binder. You’ll want to file these with home expenses later so you can quantify home improvements when eventually selling your home.

A Summer Camp or Outdoor Retreat

Say “I do” in the great outdoors and party under the stars when you hold your wedding at an outdoor retreat, camp, or lodge. This unique location is designed for the outdoorsy couple who wants a laid-back luxury vibe for their wedding. Think idyllic waterfronts, sweeping mountain views, and alfresco event spaces along with private on-site lodging for all your guests.

With dozens of camp wedding venues already out there, this option is ideal for the couple that wants a turnkey experience without a ton of DIY coordination. However, it is important to let guests know what to expect including foolproof directions to your wedding venue, tips on appropriate footwear, and what types of lodging and amenities are available.


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A Downtown Rooftop

Nature not your style? Host an outdoor wedding that reflects your sleek and sophisticated style with a rooftop venue. A rooftop wedding with panoramic views of the city skyline equals an unforgettable backdrop for your nuptials. The best rooftop venues are usually found atop luxury hotels, event centers, and other downtown landmarks.

Rooftop weddings are a match made in heaven for architectural wedding installations or an oversized LOVE sign. Add intimacy to rooftop spaces with hanging lighting and floral installations and cozy seating areas. Keep in mind that urban rooftops may have limited parking and lack elevator access. Coordinate alternative transportation for guests, especially older attendees, and give guests extra time to settle in. If your rooftop isn’t a dedicated venue, you’ll also need to plan for lighting, restrooms, street noise, and other details to create a comfortable experience.


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Stay Organized

Regardless of what venue you choose, planning a wedding requires a lot of steps and deadlines. You can help consolidate your planning with an online monthly calendar to help you keep track of what’s been done and what remains to accomplish. This will help you maintain a peaceful and stress-free planning process.

A unique venue is the perfect way to add personality to your wedding day while planning a safe, fun event for your guests. Yet with unique locations come unique challenges. Rather than risk missing details putting a damper on your big day, get the peace of mind from Premier Bride about what you need to know about planning a wedding in a specific city.


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