Summer Wedding Floral Trends

July 21, 2022

Guest Author: Bank of Flowers

Summer is in full swing!  Each change of the season brings on exciting new floral trends. From unique color palettes to creative styles, the summer of 2022 will be filled with fun blooms! Keep reading to discover the ideas behind all floral trends this season.



The color palette for summer florals grasps two very different ends of the spectrum. Bright, vibrant hues are contrasted with earthy, neutral tones. The livelier shades are key in evoking that summer feel. Deep pinks and rich oranges are strong components in this summer’s palette. On the other end, airy blues and earthy greens are adding senses of tranquility and comfort to all summer florals.


Dried Flowers

Taking the place as one of the top 2022 summer floral trends is dried flowers. Inspired by antique, vintage color palettes, this unique twist has added a new dimension to floral design. Preservation of flowers creates versatility and long lasting features that make dried flowers appealing.



Loose Arrangements

While 2021 was full of lavish and bulky flowers, 2022 finds a more minimalist take on floral arrangements. Fun, open designs are contrasted by sweet, dainty looks. Each arrangement stretches beyond the everyday style to create something unique.



Sustainability has solidified its place in this year’s florals. The use of wildflowers in floral design has offered a natural and organic feel to classy styles. Queen Anne’s lace, yarrow, snapdragons, and wild statice are just a few of the wildflowers we love to design with.




Enjoy the summer blooms!
Soon, fall will be rolling in with it’s own brand of beauty!

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