Couple hiking through the jungle on their honeymoon

Things to Consider When Planning Your Honeymoon

Kelly Rueckl with CTS Travel Pros

April 25, 2023

Planning Your Honeymoon That’s Right for YOU…Not your Neighbor.

Planning your honeymoon is a big deal. This is the start of your lives together and should create beautiful memories to look back on and make you smile. Here are a few things to consider before you talk to your travel professional about planning your special vacation.


Greece honeymoon with couples enjoying coffee on their hotel balcony.


1. How much time do you have? This is very important. Some destinations are not suited for short vacation (3-5 days).

2. Champagne dreams on a tap beer budget? If you are trying to stick to a specific budget, let your travel professional know. They can recommend ideas and destinations that fit most budgets. This is better than trying to squeeze an expensive destination to make it fit. Save that destination for a special anniversary when your budget is more accommodating.


Couples enjoying the sunset on their Caribbean beach honeymoon and vacation.


3. What is great for your friend or neighbor may not be your cup of tea. While they have found the PERFECT resort for them, consider who they are and what they like, compared to what you like. Are they partiers and you want something relaxing? Do they like hanging on the beach while you want to be active with hiking, zip-lining and golf? Mention this to your travel professional. These professionals have either visited many resorts or work with others that have visited. It’s better to get the resort that’s right for YOU!

4. Explore beyond the beach. Do you and your special someone talk about exploring a new country or culture? Why not start with your honeymoon? Peru, England, Paris, Italy, Japan, Africa, Thailand…the world is your oyster!


Couple riding camels on their honeymoon in Africa.


5. OK, so now you know where you want to go….and about how much you want to spend…now make sure you ask your travel professional about “When’s the right time to go?”. Remember, when it’s summer here, it’s winter in other parts of the world. Rainy season, temperature and of course, hurricanes…all things to consider when planning your vacation!



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