Guide and timeline to healthy and beautiful skin on your wedding day by Illume Cosmetic MedSpa

A Guide to Bridal Skincare

Lo Nelson with Illume Cosmetic Surgery & MedSpa

May 16, 2023

Steps to Perfect Glowing Skin on Your Wedding Day

A bride’s best way to relive the happiest day of their life is through the timeless photos and video captured on their wedding day. Something to hold onto and cherish forever. But, one of the biggest complaints photographers get from their bride clients is that they want their skin fixed. Whether it be that they don’t like the wrinkles, blemishes, dullness, or unevenness they see in their final photos.

A flawless complexion for a bride’s big day goes beyond the photoshop capabilities of their photographer and makeup skills of their selected artist. If having a complexion that they can feel confident in is at the top of bride’s priority list, the preparation starts months in advance.

There are things brides can do at home to prepare their skin, such as having a medical grade skincare routine, but there are other options they can book with licensed estheticians and nurse injectors that will take their skin from dull to radiant. Services that will have brides feeling prepared for their entire wedding season so they feel confident every step of the way.

Each bride’s skin will have different needs and each bride will want a different outcome which is why licensed aestheticians and nurse injectors tailor each treatment plan to each bride. It’s important to add skincare planning to the front of the wedding agenda because some desired outcomes may take multiple treatments. Premier Bride talked with Illume Cosmetic Surgery & MedSpa on what important steps are necessary to create a perfect skincare guide and timeline.

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Bridal Skincare Guide

This carefully curated timeline will help brides plan out when they should have each procedure scheduled to ensure the best possible and radiant outcome for a bride’s entire wedding journey.

6-9 Months Before Your Wedding Day

The first step in a radiant, wedding ready complexion is to schedule a complimentary bridal consultation. If brides can get an appointment scheduled out in advance, it will help the licensed aestheticians formulate a personalized skincare plan that will get brides on the right track.

The plan treatments from Oxygen facials, Botox injections and filler, and even a wellness and weight loss plan. During the consultation, aestheticians will also build a custom, medical-grade skincare routine to accompany any treatments plans for the best possible outcome. Getting on a schedule and following it will be extremely important and is the first step in the journey.

2 Months Before Your Wedding Day

Now that brides have been working on a consistent skincare routine at home with the skincare products picked out by licensed aestheticians, it’s time to jump into the injectable medspa treatments to emphasize a brides natural beauty. While there are other treatments, the two most important at this stage are Botox and Lip Fillers.

Botox can be implemented in a bride’s skincare to smooth out lines and wrinkles or decrease the look of a gummy smile with a lip flip. Botox treatments will last about 3-4 months. This is perfect timing for your wedding, as well as the honeymoon you plan on taking after!

Lip Fillers and dermal fillers are also a great option to start at the beginning of a bride’s wedding season. Fillers can add natural looking volume to your lips, cheeks, chin, and more so a bride is always photo ready from engagement photos to bachelorette party. Depending on the type of filler a bride selects it will only take a few weeks to settle, which will give a bride plenty of time to see the effects.

1 Month to Two Weeks Before Your Wedding Day

Now that the big day is inching closer, this is the time to add a few finishing touches to a bride’s skincare routine with treatments like facials and IV therapy treatments. These have the least amount of downtime, and the results are seen and felt almost immediately. These are a great option to share with the bridal party, too, as they are cost effective and can get everyone excited for the big day.

Treatments like Oxygen Facial and Hydrafacial MD can rehydrate a bride’s skin and make it feel fresh and healthy. Both are safe for all skin types and require almost no downtime. IV Therapy treatments help deliver nutrients and vitamins to the bloodstream, which offers plenty of benefits and will help brides feel more energized. There are different IV treatments that range from focusing on metabolism, energy, and more depending on what each bride and bridal party member needs!

Not only are these treatments a good start to get you looking your best on your wedding day, they create a lifelong plan to keep your skin radiant for years and years to come.

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