Wisconsin Wedding Caterer Spotlight: First Choice Catering

October 4, 2023

This esteemed wedding caterer exudes culinary artistry, transforming couples’ dreams into exquisite gastronomic realities.

First Choice Catering, nestled in the heart of Greenfield, Wisconsin, stands as a premier culinary destination known for its delectable offerings. The team’s creative flair extends beyond traditional fare, crafting innovative menus that blend diverse flavors to suit any palate. Their commitment to sourcing the finest, locally-sourced ingredients underscores their dedication to quality – from the first consultation to the last bite.

Drawing inspiration from the local flavors and traditions, First Choice Catering creates menus that pay homage to Wisconsin’s roots while embracing contemporary trends. With hearty appetizers, mouth watering entrées, sweet tooth-satisfying desserts, refreshing beverages, and everything between, First Choice has everything you need to make guests rave about the meal.

Interested in having First Choice Catering prepare and serve your wedding food and drinks? Visit firstchoicecater.com or call (414) 349-6248.

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Address 4260 South 76th Street, Greenfield, WI
Phone 414-349-6248
Email laurie@firstchoicecater.com