Signature wedding day scent by Pure Love Essence, Rebel essential oil cologne.

Add More Sentiment to Your Wedding

October 31, 2023

Two ways you can guarantee to add forever memories to your wedding!

They may not be totally related in theory, but there’s no doubt they can spark up the same warm feeling in your heart….dogs and perfume. While those two things make the perfect gift for your loved one on Valentine’s Day (hint, hint), they also are something to not just glance over on your wedding day. See how these two perfect vendors can help you find the perfect accessories on your special day.

Wedding Day Pet Concierge

We all know our fur babies are someone that mean the world to us. They can brighten your day with a snuggle or a wet kiss on the cheek, so why wouldn’t we want them there on the most important day of our life? But, there’s always logistics to think about. Whose bringing them to the wedding, how long can they stay for before it becomes to overwhelming for them, is Aunt Nancy going to watch them while we take photos? Don’t let the “what-if’s” hold you back when you can have all that taken care of for you. Piccola Pups is a pup concierge that handles all aspects of getting them well handled on your special day. We were so excited to bring them along to our recent wedding styled shoot to add the extra fur to our photos!

Wedding Day Scents

It is known that scent is the sense most strongly related to memory. It creates a recollection of a time very vivid and powerful. That being said, this is not something you want to pass over when planning your wedding accessories for him or her. One of our favorite traditions is for the bride and groom to pick out scents for each other and have them as gifts the morning of. Then every year on your anniversary wear that same perfume or cologne. Pure Love Essences is a local company that creates multiple fragrances that last all day as they are made out of essential oils. They’re good for your skin and the smell lingers rather than wearing off after an hour. They have become a favorite of brides and grooms getting married, and they even pair perfectly when the photographer is laying out your invitation suite for photos!