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6 Sensational Cake Trends for 2019

March 8, 2019
hoop wedding cake, 3 tiered cake with gold and floral accents

If you’re into tiers of white cake festooned with soft pink rosettes, this may not be the article for you. Celebratory sweets are going non-traditional, personalized, and couture. In 2019 guests will enjoy one-of-a-kind pieces that belong as much on Instagram as in their bellies. Let’s take a look.



There was a time when adding custard between layered white cake was considered a fun surprise. Not anymore, honey (pun intended). This year couples are opting away from bland, one-size-fits-all cakes and instead serving a personal favorite. Non-cakes have been on our radar for a while, but they'll officially take over in 2019. Varying flavors of iced bundt cakes, doughnut pyramids, cultural pastries such as Kolaches and Kringle, family recipes, and yes, you guessed it—cheese wheels (perfect if you and your partner prefer savory over sweet) will amuse in 2019. 

Cake Noir

"A new trend you’ll see for 2019 is a black wedding cake with touches of an edible 24k gold leaf." Peggy Carollo, owner of Simma's Bakery explains. "This simply elegant look can be modern, romantic, unique, nontraditional yet timeless." Black, dark aubergine, deep navy, and smoky charcoal colors are wowing tables all over 2019. If a cake can be sexy, this is the one.

Watercolor Cakes

Watercolor wedding cakes are enjoying the spotlight, and for good reason. With each brushstroke in varying colors, shades, and marbling these beautiful edible works of art are a stunning wedding day dessert. Watercolor cakes come in all styles: floral, marble, or abstract, and showcase your wedding day dessert in all its storybook glory.


Geode Cakes

Taking Pinterest by storm is the Geode cake. Think back to your 8th grade Geology class - those hollow rocks filled with sparkling crystals and minerals. Guests who are used to seeing traditional cakes adorned with delicate flowers will marvel at cake tiers literally slashed open revealing a rock candy core designed to look like one of nature’s most beautiful rock formations.

Structural Wonders

If Salvador Dali were a baker, these would be his specialty. Confections need not take on the predictable shape or texture of cakes of old, so get your head right out of the box. Surreal designs with unexpected appendages, odd surfaces such as faux stucco, or tree bark, and gasp inducing trimmings like the greenery pictured here, take cakes to an artistic level. 

Simma's - Floral Cake

Floral Focused

We love the look of edible flowers on cakes—especially when executed like this. They look like pressed flowers which feel at once both nostalgic and super fresh. Combine fresh flowers with fondant petals for a beautiful and decadent dessert.

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