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Customize Your Clinks! 7 Signature Wedding Drinks

May 30, 2019
signature wedding cocktail milwaukee

Crafting a signature cocktail that reflects your wedding theme and personality requires two parts ingenuity, one part sense of humor, and a heaping dollop of delicious. You can’t expect your guests to go thirsty, so why not quench them in style? Belly up to the following guide to your unique brew.


Think Seasonally

For a summer wedding, consider refreshing fruits like watermelon, citrus, grapefruit, and mint. Spring is an appropriate time to roll out new and unexpected flavors like basil, rosemary, lavender, and elderflower. Cinnamon, cream, vanilla, and espresso harken cozy fall and winter vibes. You can practically taste the firewood.

Think Outside the Boxed Wine

Have a favorite go-to that needs just a touch of nuptial oomph? Take things up a notch by adding fruit or liqueur to your regular sipper. Berry mojitos, jalapeno margaritas, and a bourbon cherry pop take classics to another level.

Build Upon Your Bubbles

Champagne toasts and champagne chugs alike deserve an upgrade. Imagine a crushed peppermint rimmed glass for a wintery refresher, or tinted glittery sugar for some spring zing. Or serve a fizzy, creamy dream by pouring brut champs over a scoop of sherbet.


You can’t go wrong with a pretty martini. Serve the classic if that’s your particular poison, but martinis have come a long way since the original. Grasshoppers, Cosmos, Appletinis are only the beginning, and the glassware alone takes your party uptown and your pinkies out.

A Nod to the Locals

Pander to your audience and go with a local favorite. Is your hometown known for its brewery? Serve its beer with an orange garnish, or sweet soda to make a fun radler. Old Fashioneds are a great homage to the Midwest, beloved by all in its many incarnations. Think local and create accordingly.

Don’t Forget the NA Crowd

The underaged and non-drinkers need not be relegated to the Kiddie Cocktail. Choose a cocktail-mocktail combo for fully festive participation. Champagne can be substituted with sparkling faux-sé, sweet sodas and juices replace rums and tequilas, and just about every liqueur has a syrupy doppelganger sans booze.  

wedding cocktails served in tiny patron bottles with paper straws and lime wedge Milwaukee

What service!

Presentation will be what distinguishes your signature drink, so get creative with how and with what it’s served. Skip the fancy tumblers and serve right inside of old timey Coke bottles, mason jars, or go tropical with halved coconuts or pineapples. Miniature umbrellas, fun stir sticks, and even sparklers can garnish your glassware. And don’t forget fun signage for a detailed description of your designer drink. It’s the clever details that leave a lasting impression with your guests and photograph adorably.



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